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Hurray!!! Bengal gets 4 ministers for the first time post-Independence.

the overall allotment to Bengal is quite satisfying with 4 ministers into the ministry for the first time since Independence and we all hope the representation would be quite vocal to raise matters concerning real development, not ‘ Unnayan ‘ of Bengal.

Do you know “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai” is a satire of India’s Present Political Scene?

Indravadan (Congress) is corrupt but is scared of the insensitive and snooty Maya (Communists) who knows all his secrets. Sahil (BJP) actually is talented and hard-working but Maya thinks Rosesh(JNU) is great.

Karna, a tragic Anti-Hero???

Almost all the lores eulogizing Karna as some pious being or a tragic hero. But was he really so? Let’s learn the truth.

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