Deepika Padukone got Rs 5 crore from Aneel Mussarat for attending JNU anti-CAA protest, alleges ex-RAW official

Former RAW officer NK Sood has released a video on YouTube making a huge allegation and a revelation that may come out as a shocker for Deepika Padukone fans. The Officer, who is known to be vocal about exposing Bollywood’s assumed connections with the underworld and Pakistan’s ISI, in his recent video, informed that the Central government has asked the NIA to hold an enquiry on Bollywood and Pakistan’s connection. The central government, said Sood, has also initiated a conversation with the Maharashtra State government and the investigations are to start soon.

Among the other claims, what underscores Sood’s YouTube video, was his sensational assertion about popular Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone. He stated that the star had received a sum of 5 crores by alleged Pakistani agent Aneel Mussarat to attend the anti-CAA protest held in JNU.

We would like to remind our readers that back in January 2020, right ahead of the release of her film, Chhapaak, Deepika Padukone had visited Jawaharlal Nehru University to register her solidarity with the anti-CAA protesters. She was seen standing with the protesters, who had, reportedly, attacked the ABVP students in the campus also. The stunt was dismissed as a weak PR gimmick by many. It was supposed to bring audiences to the theatres, but ended up pushing them away. Not only was Chhapak unsuccessful at the box office, the leading lady ended up losing several brand endorsement contracts as well.

However, it is only now that fans have come to know that there’s more to that backfired publicity stunt. Aneel Mussarat is a known personality who has often ranted against India and its policies on social media. His anti-India stance is pretty clear, hence, Deepika Padukone’s association with him, doesn’t particularly sit well with the average cinema goers.

Further, Sood stated that investigation has started against Deepika Padukone and several other Bollywood celebrities who have properties in foreign countries. These properties are often used to turn black money into white, alleges the ex-Raw officer.  

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  1. There should be CBI inestigation against all antinational elements in bollywood and if found guilty deepika should be sent in jail like sanjay dutt

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