Swara Bhasker defends Deepika Padukone after “5 crores” allegation

Swara Bhasker comes forward in support of Deepika Padukone after the latter gets dragged into a conspiracy theory. Last week former RAW official took to his YouTube channel to allege that Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had received 5 crore rupees from Pakistani agent Aneel Mussarat for making an appearance at the anti-CAA protests held at JNU. Deepika had visited the university and met the protesting students in January this year, ahead of the release of her film Chhapaak.

After the revelation, Twitter and Facebook users took to the respective social media platforms to reprimand the Padmavat actress.

One Twitter-user took a jibe at Swara Bhasker for protesting for free while another actress got a payment of 5 crores for the same. “Deepika padukone took 5 crores for her 2 minutes appearance in JNU for Anti-CAA protests while @ReallySwara could only manage a C-grade web series despite artistically screeching against CAA for an year Bhagwan kisi ko depression de de lekin Communism na de,” He wrote. While Deepika Padukone has reserved her comments on this matter, Swara Bhasker jumped to hit back at the Twitter user.

The Veery di Wedding actress rubbished the claims of “5 crores being paid to a fellow actress” as a ‘rampant culture of stupidity’. Her response through Twitter was, “The kind of idiotic misinformation that is peddled ceaselessly by RW about #Bollywood is partly why we as a public accept any kind of conspiracy theory- however vulgar and outlandish! A rampant culture of stupidity.”

Defending Deepika Padukone, Bhasker retorted at the former RAW personnel’s revelations, calling them made outlandish and vulgar rumors peddled by the Right Wing about the Bollywood industry and the members of it. diverse reactions came from differing ideologies in response to Swara’s Tweet. While the actress was trolled mercilessly by netizens, few even supported Swara Bhasker and called the “trolls” baseless rumour-mongers.

The actress, known for her political tweets, had recently caught in a war of words with Kangana Ranaut after she had labeled her a ‘B grade’ and ‘needy outsider’ while talking to a new channel. Swara Bhasker’s response to this was, “I think when you call your colleagues “Chaaploos, needy outsider, B grade actress!” and other such flattering adjectives, the conversation tends to get deviated. I think that if Kangana wants this conversation to be about justice for Sushant, she shouldn’t make it about herself and her personal vendetta.” 

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