This is how Bollywood Celebrities reacted to Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan

Bollywood Celebrities react to Bhumi Pujan

Bollywood celebrities have become a part of our lives though most of us don’t even know them. It is hence understandable if you are curious to know how many of these celebs have wished the Ram Bhakts on August 5th 2020. The day will be remembered as the historical day in which the foundation stone of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir was laid in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is how Bollywood celebrities took to their social media platforms to extend their thoughts.

Before we go ahead, let us remind ourselves how Pink actress Taapsee Punnu had mocked the Hindus are the won the Janma Bhoomi case after 500 years of struggle.

After being confronted by irate Hindus, she was fast to send out another tweet in damage control.

This is how Bollywood celebrities Sabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah had expressed dissatisfaction with Supreme Court’s verdict on Ram Mandir while refusing to sign the review petition.

“We share the unhappiness of the Indian Muslim community, constitutional experts and secular organizations over the fact that the highest court in the land has placed faith above law in arriving at its decision…. But while agreeing that the court order is judicially flawed, we strongly believe that keeping the Ayodhya dispute alive will harm, and not help, Indian Muslims,” the statement said.

The queen of “befitting replies” made a wise choice by staying silent about the occasion of Bhumi Pujan. As they say, it is better to keep shut if you can’t say anything good.

Speaking of ‘good’, here are the celebrities who had good wishes for all the Hindus rejoicing the auspicious occasion worldwide.

While the daughter of later Congress politician Twinkle Khanna refrained from commenting, husband Akshay Kumar shared the digital image of Bhagwan Ram beaming at New York’s Times Square. “Diwali came early this year” he said.

Varun Dhawan posted a beautiful image of Bhagwan Ram with Bhakt Hanuman, quoting the Shri Ram chant.

Ranvir Shorey has never kept his faith hidden behind the fake veneer of secularism. He spoke his heart out and spoke for many of us.

Love Aaj Kal star Karthik Aryan was witty in his message, and do we like it or what!!!

It was only obvious that Kangana Ranaut will be first among all other Bollywood Celebrities to wish us on the day of Bhumi Pujan.

Here are a few more celebs from Filmdom and sports. It is noteworthy that most of the celebrities chose to remain neutral on this occasion.

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