Kangana Ranaut alleges, 99 percent of Bollywood celebrities do drugs

Kangana Ranaut 99 percent drugs Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut refused to mince her words and appeared on Republic Bharat for yet another fiery interview with the Nation Wants to Know host Arnab Goswami. Giving a shocking statement about the availability and consumption of drugs within the movie industry, the Queen actress claimed almost all Bollywood celebrities have been indulging in it for years.

Since the unfortunate and untimely demise of the Dil Bechara actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, several celebrities have voiced out their support of the late actor. Many have demanded justice for him, but it will not be wrong to say Kangana Ranaut has led the march of Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. She has demanded a fair probe in the case and named many industry high-ups of manipulating the lives and careers of up-coming stars from non-filmy backgrounds.

The MS Dhoni: The Untold Story actor’s death, which was initially pronounced suicide, is now being doubted to be a murder. The CBI is probing further into the case. Their investigations have opened a Pandora’s Box and recent developments in the case reveal a drug angle. Reports suggest the actor was being forced into drugs. After this revelation sparked fresh debate in the town, firebrand actress Kangana Ranaut was invited by Republic TV to keep her views on the matter.

Broaching on the topic of drugs, Kangana made a shocking assertion. The actress alleged that around 99 per cent of Bollywood personalities consume drugs. Drugs flow like water in the industry, states Kangana.

The Judgementall Hai Kya actress, in the explosive interview with Republic TV, revealed how she too was being pushed into this dark world of drugs. It happened when she was a new bee in the industry, hardy 18-19 years old.

She shared that one self-appointed guardian, who works as a character artist in Bollywood films, had confined her to a room and forced her to take drugs. He had also told her that she would meet the same fate as Parveen Babi. Again, a popular director, said Kangana Ranaut, had once asked her to meditate on the idea of finding a “black cat in a dark room.” All these were working to destabilize her mentally and she finally decided to approach the police and take help.

During this interview, Kangana also brushed on how one of her former boyfriends, who is from the industry and hails from a famous “filmy family” was doing drugs regularly. She also mentioned about this ex-boyfriend’s wife and a foreigner girlfriend who would party together, and drugs were a common scene in such parties.

Kangana says, “At some point, 99 percent of them. Some might have faced health conditions, or because of age, or after being admitted or having repercussions, they have quit now after doing it throughout their youth. Even if I count them, there are 99 percent of people. Everybody without fail, at some point, is doing it, and if there is a party, everyone is indulging in it.”

She adds wives of top stars in the industry are also a part of this racket and host parties where people consume and serve drugs. Kangana did not hold back from accusing police officials of knowing and enabling such activities either.

The actress who is now in Manali shared that she could have been killed for revealing such details had she been in Mumbai at this time. In her heart-to-heart with the senior journalist, the actress gearing up for her upcoming film Tejas, said, “Our youth is involved in drugs in a very severe way. The film industry should be held responsible for this because they have made them role models.”

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