Kangana Ranaut Had a Major Injury After Sword Attack

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has been in the news for reasons, good and bad. Her strong stance on the Sushant Singh Rajput death case has turned her into an overnight idol for many; there is no dearth of people criticizing her either. With almost an equal number of admirers and haters, the Queen actress has emerged as a Youth Icon with millions following her footsteps.

But, not many of her fans or followers know about Kangana Ranaut’s life beyond what she voluntarily hares. Though millions have watched the movie Manikarnika and praised the three times National Award winner for her tremendous performance, that during the making of this movie, Kangana was severely injured by an accident, is not public knowledge.

She had trained herself in sword-fights for the movie but was not an expert in the skill. On the very first day of the shoot, she suffered a major accident and had almost injured her eye. She had to wield the sword for a fighting-scene. Despite having practiced the scene for a month, a co-artist acted on the wrong cue. The actress was not prepared to defend herself just yet, and the co-artist ended up hitting her on her face with a real sword weighing one kilo, inadvertently.

The sword brushed across her forehead leaving a deep cut. It was a matter of luck that the actress didn’t end up with an injured eye. The cut on the forehead was pretty deep anyway and, as evident, needed immediate medication attention.

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True to her bold avatar, Kangana Ranaut does not complain about the injury. In a post shared by her on her Instagram handle, she says that Queen Lakshmi Bai had herself blessed her by putting a tilak of the brave Peshwas on her forehead. This is exactly the kind of bravado her fans expect from her.

Apart from voicing out her strong opinions on news channels, Kangana is looking forward to the release of her upcoming movie, Tejas. After Janhvi Kapoor in Gunjan Saxena, audiences will get to see Kangana Ranaut essaying an Airforce pilot in this “exhilarating story that is an ode to our brave air force pilots.” The film is set to release this December.

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