Bollywood Gangs up Against Kangana Ranaut After She Raises Security Concerns in Mumbai

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is now all by herself in the industry. With fire inside her, the Manikarnika actress was never a part of the Bollywood herd, to begin with. She had, on multiple occasions, raised concerns that no Bollywood star had broached upon, no matter how bold and brave they claim to be.

But, Kangana Ranaut had always chosen to be that rare kind of brave and shone the torchlight on many industry secrets and accused several bigwigs of malpractices. That she never found support from her colleagues is known, but today, Bollywood actors and actress have not only lined up against her but ganged up to slam her when she expressed her fear.

Earlier last week pictures emerged that showed graffiti of Kangana Ranaut’s name with a poop emoji on the streets of Mumbai. It was called, “walk of shame.” It was clear that her fight for Sushant Singh Rajput had led to this retaliation. A leader from Maharashtra’s ruling political party had suggested that the actress didn’t return to Mumbai. After this, Kangana took to twitter to express her fear and questioned if Mumbai has become PoK.

Several celebrities took to Twitter to slam Kangana Ranaut. The first among them was Swara Bhasker. “I have never been to PoK, so I don’t know what it feels like but to call India’s most dynamic city, financial capital and a city that has changed the lives and destinies of so many people- including hers  … to abuse that city and compare it to PoK because you want to create a headline is just petty, ungrateful and frankly ludicrous. If a Muslim actor has made this comparison and said they feel unsafe we would have been baying for their blood,” The Times of India quotes the actress.

Dia Mirza, who after a string of failed films had dwindled out of mainstream Bollywood and recently returned in a supporting role in Taapasee Pannu starrer Tappad, said she has been working in Mumbai for 20 years and loves the city.

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Renuka Shahaney also shares her objection to Kangana Ranaut’s opinions.

Sonu Sood who had recently gained massive popularity after his charity of sending laborers home during the Lockdown also sent a cryptic tweet and we assume it is his response to Kangana Ranaut’s claim.

Refusing to cower down, Kangana Ranaut tweets,

She roars in yet another tweet:

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