Kangana Ranaut Slams Armin Nawabi for Making Derogatory Remark on Goddess Kali

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has always projected herself as a devout Hindu and has always lent her voices to the causes related to the Hindu religion, beliefs, and interests.

On Friday, September 4th the Manikarnika star took to tweet to show a Twitter user his place when he made a highly offensive and derogatory remark on the Hindu deity, Goddess Kali.

Atheist Republic founder Armin Nawabi, on September 3rd, shared a slanderous depiction of the Hindu deity. The image of Goddess Kali shared by Nawabi was bare-bodied and the Goddess was shown making provocative expressions and gestures in the Avataar.

On his second tweet, the Atheist Republic founder writes that he is in love with Hinduism now. “I never knew you had sexy goddesses like these,” he writes.

While he drew massive flak from Tweeple, Kangana Ranaut took the retort to a whole different level. The actress wrote:

These Twitter to and fro aside, the actress is now embroiled in the graver Sushant Singh Rajput death case. After making allegations such as 99% Bollywood stars have done drugs in some point in their life, she stated that, with political leaders asking her to stay away from Mumbai, the city appears to be “Pakistan Occupied Kashmir” to her.

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Kangana Ranaut alleges, 99 percent of Bollywood celebrities do drugs

Several Bollywood actors jumped to twitter to oppose Kangana Ranaut’s statement. The bold and firebrand actress has indicated that she is not rattled by the ganging up of the bullies and will be returning to Mumbai on September 9th.

4 thoughts on “Kangana Ranaut Slams Armin Nawabi for Making Derogatory Remark on Goddess Kali

  1. What to say , everyone is reading & finding her power. She is like a mother, sister & daughter of 3 idol. She is jhansi ki Rani. Mother Durga . She is fearless lady. I respect her courage & sincerety. Hat’s off her. I salute her. India needs woman like this not chamchi or chamcha of Bollywood.

  2. what shit is this Armin talking???he should be immediately compelled to apologise to all the people out there???? Who the hell is he to take hinduism??? Nobody will allow such perverts in??? bloody m****rf***r!

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