Kangana Ranaut is “Bad” because she influences editing, but Aamir Khan is “Mr. Perfectionist”. Patriarchy much?

Kangana Ranaut vs Aamir KHan

Bollywood has all of a sudden woken up to the patriarchy that has been ruling the industry for decades. Prepared with their T-shirts and tweets are prepared to “smash the patriarchy.” As a Bollywood junkie, I’ll tell you what Bollywood patriarchy is, and how the very celebrities who seem to have come to all guns blazing at it, actually, when no one is looking, in their own sweet way, encourage it.  

Kangana Ranaut is not very polished in her expressions and has towed the limitations of basic professionalism many times. We will sound biased if we acquitted her of the obvious guilt. She has made many remarks that were best avoided, but that she is not the most articulate in her approach is not news anymore.

However, you can’t deny that the Manikarnika actress is the only one with the perseverance to fight a battle with no support from the industry. Her colleagues have not only disassociated themselves from her but leveled charges of being “Bossy” around others. Director Anurag Kashyap, who once was a good friend of the actress, alleged that Kangana sits in the edit with the directors and cuts the roles of all her co-stars and went on to assert that her old directors, who used to once admire her, now avoid working with her, reports Mumbai Mirror.

What we understand is, because Kangana Ranaut interferes in the editing of a film, people in Bollywood look at someone with an attitude problem and don’t want to work with her. For years, Akshay Kumar enjoyed a reputation of “taking charge” of the editing of his movies. Much like Kangana Ranaut, Aamir Khan too involves himself in all the nitty-gritty of filmmaking. The ‘PK’ actor is known for influencing the directors with his ideas, altering the storyline, and having a say at the edit table. As per reports published in 2017, the actor had gotten many of Katrina Kaif’s scenes deleted from Dhoom 3. Rumors were abuzz that Abhishek Bachchan’s scenes had also been sacrificed at Aamir Khan’s behest.  

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However, in such cases, such interventions are documented as influencing the “creative decisions”.  Aamir Khan is not written off as an actor with a bad attitude. No peer sums up the guts to point a finger at him. Instead, he is dubbed “Mr. Perfectionist.” People who avoid working with Kangana Ranaut, consider working with Aamir Khan a matter of great esteem.

All tongues wagging when a woman wants to voice out her creativity but all lips stay zipped when a man does the same. Do you see through the difference in attitude? This is the patriarchy prevalent and peddled in Bollywood. No matter how many star-kids and star-wives post how many templated messages, they all add to the very patriarchy they pretend to smash.

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