Hope to see Rahul Gandhi as India’s Prime Minister: Deepika Padukone

Bollywood’s reigning actress, Deepika Padukone is again making it to the headlines. But this time it is not for her wardrobe choice at the Met Gala, her fitness routine, or an upcoming film that has made it to the center stage of some controversy. This time, the epicenter of the controversy is the actress herself.

It has been reported that the Narcotics Controls Bureau can summon the actress anytime because the investigations kick-started by the unnatural death of Sushant Singh Rajput has revealed some prominent names from the industry, and Deepika Padukone is one among them.

With the charges coming in and netizens getting all the more curious about the popular Bollywood personality, an old video of the Om Shanti Om debutant’s interview has surfaced and netizens have diverse reactions to the video.

The video is from times when Deepika was a new-bee in the industry and looked very different from the groomed star we know today. The conversation between the anchor and her happened in Hindi and was aired on Doordarshan.  The anchor asked her if there was any young leader in politics that has influenced her with his views and speeches.

Looking pretty in a white saree teamed with a golden blouse, Deepika responded that though she does not know much about politics, among the young leaders of the time, she was massively inspired by Rahul Gandhi.

She also said that Rahul Gandhi, with everything that he does for the country, stands as a classic example for the youth of this country. “And hopefully someday he will become the Prime Minister,” she added.

“You want Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Minister?” the anchor threw at her again.

“Definitely,” the actress returned.

When the anchor quizzed her, “what special qualities do you see in Rahul Gandhi that separates him from the others?” she offered that Rahul Gandhi connects well with the youth. The Gandhi scion is both traditional as well as futuristic in his approach and he is very important for our country.

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Netizens are sharing this video with their remarks and others are commenting on her views generously. Have you seen this video earlier? Do share and let us know what you think about Deepika Padukone’s views about Rahul Gandhi.

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