Durga Pooja is not complete till pseudo-intellectuals target Hindus

Durga Pooja

A Kolkata based Instagram page puts out this post right ahead of the Durga Poojas, a festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in West Bengal, needless to say, Hindus all over the world await this occasion round the year.

What has now started to turn into a big annoyance is the pouring in lectures during this time of the year every year. “Those who worship a Devi abuse woman” is a narrative they peddle by presenting distorted images of the Goddess. Since the past couple of years, these pseudo-intellectuals have added an extra wing to the religious celebrations, the extra-large wings of sanitary pads.  The Poojas are incomplete without a forced mention of periods and pads, through art, painting or photography, and linking them to the poojas.

Even Goddess Durga has period? Artwork puts Mumbai artist in trouble -  Oneindia News

Coming back to the post by the popular Instagram account, the image shows a model dressed, partly as a Hindu goddess, partly as a battered woman. The image establishes that those who worship the goddess molest the woman. “Respect Woman” is the message this post tried to convey. The irony is when a woman objected to the affronting image, the admin’s first reaction was to counter the woman with what was a seeming insult.

Being challenged by a female Instagram user, the admin starts his now-deleted response to the woman with an “Arey Aunty…” which has become the go-to ageist insult for netizens to insult women when they begin to lose an argument. So much for “Respect Woman”.

We guess people who run such propaganda ahead of Durga Pooja every year come from families with a shameful history of woman abuse. Perhaps they have seen male members manhandling their women during their evolving years. Hence they grow up thinking all Hindu men worship Devi but abuse women. Witnessing the abuse, they themselves get wired to the idea of abusing women. That’s why even though preaching respect toward women, their ingrained nature prompts them to attack women at the very first chance they get at it.

The admin of the page, after trying a backhand insult to a woman who questions his choice of image and imagery, goes on to state that Durga represents every Indian woman and hence the image. Are we trying to secularise the Hindu Goddess Durga here by stating every Indian woman is a Durga? Do all Indians, irrespective of religion, look at their woman as Durga? If so, why is a Bengali non-Hindu MP being targeted by non-Hindu religious bigots for dressing up as Durga? Does the admin of this page have the bravado to question such radicals?

Will pages like these dare to put a picture of a respected mother figure of the Christians during Christmas and question some of the reported deplorable practices?

It is the easiest to target Hindu festivals because the Hindus don’t retaliate. Hence, all moral lectures are shoveled in the faces of the Hindus. Again, it will be wrong to say that the Hindus don’t retaliate at all. Enough Hindu Bengalis raised objections to this post. But the admin went on a deleting spree and deleted all the comments that went against their propaganda.

The targeting and attacks on the Hindu festivals by intellectuals are on the rise, and unless the Hindus stand up to such depravity vehemently, they will continue to shame the Hindus. Here is a tweet posted by actress Sabana Azmi on the occasion on Navratri a few years ago. This is unacceptable and must not be encouraged anymore.

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