Why Kareena Kapoor Khan did not want Sara Ali Khan to date her first hero?

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan has finally admitted to the NCB that she and Sushant Singh Rajput were dating after all. She also stated that the affair didn’t last because of the late actor’s infidelity issues. Now let’s try to dig into this a little.

Rumors of a romance brewing between the Kedarnath co-stars had started to do the rounds right when the debutant actress and the TV actor turned Bollywood star were shooting for their much-anticipated movie. They were often photographed in each other’s company and made several appearances together during the movie promotion. But none of the two stars ever took the pain to confirm or deny the rumors of them being a couple. The movie released and bombed at the box-office. And with that, gossips of Sara and Sushant being a couple dwindled out as well.

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On Koffee With Karan, Sara sitting beside her star father, revealed that she was nurturing a secret crush on Karthik Aaryan. The next thing we knew, both were cast together for Love Aaj Kal, and in no time, similar romance rumors about the duo were afloat on entertainment sites. By this time, audiences had learned to take these gossips with a pinch of salt. More than often these were just easy tactics employed to give the films an added and cost-free publicity, people could read through them. Love Aaj Kal released, was panned, and the alleged romance rumors of Sara and Kartik died its natural and obvious death. But, with her adorable down to earth ways, Sara had already become a national sweetheart.

By this time, her Kedarnath co-star had moved on and had a new rumoured girlfriend. A few months later he dies in a mysterious way and takes the entire industry down with him. Investigations move from Mumbai Police to CBI and the NCB gets roped in eventually. Several names of A-listers tumble out for being allegedly involved in a Drug link and, to the shock of heavens, Sara Ali Khan is one among them. It is during this time, the commoners get a confirmation that not only was Sara Ali Khan romantically involved with the late actor, and the two had holidayed together as well. Sara wanted to keep their affair a hush-hush matter and hence, instead of boarding on a regular plane, got a private one.

Sara says it was the infidel nature of Sushant Singh Rajput that led to the break-up of the two. However, here is an interview of Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is Sara Ali Khan’s father’s second wife, who blurts out that if she were to give any relationship advice to her stepdaughter, it would be, “Don’t date your first hero.” We are left to wonder if Kareena Kapoor Khan already knew about the two. And if so, why was she averse to Sushant and Sara as a couple? Was it just a regular hunch, a female thing in most cases, or was SSR not up to their standards?

We are curious to know why Kareena Kapoor Khan would not want Sara Ali Khan to “not date her first hero.”

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