Sheryl Chopra Says She Has Seen Star-Wives Snorting Cocaine at IPL After-Party

While the NCB is making headlines for exposing stars like Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan for their alleged involvement in the “Bollywood Drug Nexus,” actress Sherlyn Chopra has surfaced with a shocking revelation. Famous as the first Indian woman to pose nude for Playboy magazine, Sherlyn claims that she witnessed star wives and cricketers and star wives snorting cocaine at an IPL after-party held in Kolkata.

“I once went to Kolkata to watch a KKR match, after the game I was invited to an after party, which was attended by all popular cricketers and their wives. I was enjoying a lot in the party, however I got tired after dancing and went to washroom and the scene I saw there was beyond shocking, all these star-wives were snorting cocaine in the ladies washroom area, they smiled at me and I smiled back. I thought I am at a wrong place and came outside, the party was going on in full swing and such drug parties goes on one after other. Had I gone to the gents washroom, I am sure the scene would have been the same,” the actress narrates.

She has also expressed her willingness to share details of the party and those consuming cocaine with the NCB if she is granted protection. Though Sheryl Chopra has not revealed any names of such star wives, detailed research through news reports involving stars’ wives and drugs has brought shocking facts to the fore.

Known to be the better half of Bollywood’s power couple, Gauri Khan was reportedly held at Berlin Airport for carrying Marijuana. As per an article published in India Times, former star-wife and mother of two Sussanne Khan is a cocaine addict and her addiction had led to her marriage with Hrithik Roshan falling apart.

Now here is something interesting. Actor Arjun Rampal who is rarely seen in movies these days, was reportedly involved with both hard drugs and marijuana. Easy access to marijuana is what led to the growing friendship between Rampal and Sussanne Roshan aka Sussanne Khan.

Sussanne Khan’s brother-in-law DJ Aqeel was once held up in Dubai for the possession of substances. Her cousin and former actor Fardeen Khan has had his brush with substance abuse as well. In 2001, the Khushi actor was arrested with Cocaine in Juhu, Mumbai.  Speaking with The Times of India, Fardeen shared, “Any mind-altering substance whether it’s narcotics or alcohol or prescription pills, creates a lethal dependency. Before you know it you’re sucked into a downward spiral. The idea of any addiction is very damaging. People have all kinds of weird addiction, even shopping. My only addiction (now) is the love of my family. They’re my life-supporting system. Please educate yourself vis-a-vis the consequences of whatever you are experimenting with. Addiction is not cool.”

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