Twins? Nope! One of them is a CAKE!!!

Selfie Cake

They may look like twins, and if they do to you, look again. One of them is a cake. Yes, you read us right. This is not your average birthday or anniversary cakes that you blow the candles on, run a knife over and chomp chomp chomp. YouTuber Sideserf Cake Studio is known for making the craziest cakes you might have ever seen on earth. In many occasions, she has sculpted bust cakes of renowned personalities, and her works of art have gone viral in minutes.

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She first came to the limelight after her brother shared a picture of this cake Willey Nelson sculpted by her on Reddit.  The image went viral in no time, putting the artist, Natalie Sideserf on the map for cake lovers around the world.

Natalie owns a YouTube channel with 106K cake enthusiast subscribers. When her subscribers suggested that she sculpted a selfie cake, Natalie thought ‘why not’. And, after putting in over 30 hours of labor, she delivered this amazing dessert that could deceive anyone into thinking that it’s her twin sister.  Yes, the cake looks that real, it’s borderline creepy.

A student of fine arts, Natalie uses modeling chocolate and not fondant – like most cake-makers do – to cover her real-looking, yummy cakes. To know more about the extensive efforts she puts into crafting these cakes, do check out her YouTube video. She details on the steps and explains who she makes certain choices which are so different from the average baker down the street.

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