Zeenat Aman Was Attacked in Full Public View, Ended up With a Lazy eye, But That’s Not All

Zeenat Aman

With Bollywood actresses and kids of Bollywood stars standing up as flagbearers of feminism, don’t deceive yourself into thinking that these are the ultimate icons you must follow. Some of the most popular personalities of the industry are guilty of some of the most heinous acts and today we will discuss such a shameful episode.  

Sanjay Khan was a popular actor in the 70s. Today he is known more as Hrithik Roshan’s ex-father-in-law, and father of Main Hoon Na fame Zayed Khan. Sanjay Khan has another child, a daughter, Farah Khan Ali who is married to DJ Aqueel. Farah Khan Ali, who is also a jewelry designer, is a dominant voice on Twitter who raises her voice for causes like minority rights, feminism, and more.

This is quite ironic because her father has executed one of the most shameful acts of misogyny back in the day, and so, in full public view. Though it is a matter of public knowledge and has been widely reported and written about, the present generation that constitute the fanbase of Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh are perhaps oblivious to this incident from the late 70s.

Though Sanjay Khan was a married man, he fell in love with the gorgeous Zeenat Aman on the sets of their film, Abdullah. Unlike the saree-clad coy leading ladies of her time, the US-returned Zeenat was a sex-symbol of her times. It was easy for any man to lose his heart to the siren, and Sanjay was one. Zeenat duly reciprocated his feelings. However, things took an ugly turn soon.

And the ugliest turn came along when the actress was shooting in Lonavala. An enraged Sanjay called her up from Mumbai and demanded that she return to Mumbai immediately to reshoot a song in Abdullah that they had already shot. When she argued that she was obliged to complete another film, Sanjay accused her of having illicit relationship with the film makers.

Infuriated by the baseless accusations, Zeenat reached his house only to learned that he was at a party held at the Taj. She headed for the hotel to negotiate the dates, unaware that Sanjay Khan was enjoying the party with his wife Zarine Khan. The wife sneered at the actress’s appearance, while the actor-husband stayed inebriated.

Seeing Zeenat at the party, Sanjay took her to a different room and “let loose his animal wrath”. As per reports in India Today, he not only beat her up, but kept on lifting her by the hair and thrashing her continuously.

Zarine Khan entered the room and witnessing her husband’s bravado on a hapless woman cheered him on. “Give the bitch what she deserves,” she yelled, and joined Sanjay Khan in attacking Zeenat.

None of the high-profile guests present at the occasion came forward to rescue the actress being battered in front of them. Finally, a steward stepped in to protect Zeenat, but not before she had tears and blood streaming down her face.

The violence she endured at the hands of a man she loved was so severe that Zeenat was put under medical attention for eight days continuously and still didn’t recover completely. She ended up with a lazy eye but didn’t report the incident to the police. Such was her love for Sanjay.   

India Today further reports that Aman’s doctor had revealed that it was not the first time Sanjay Khan had lifted his hand on the actress. She had suffered a black eye once and was once kicked so hard in the ribs that the doctor feared a crack.

 Though many well-wishers had advised Zeenat against this toxic relationship, she continued to defend him fiercely. “I love this man. Don’t you understand? I will back his every move and I will make him a king one day,” she would say.

Source: India Today

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