Dad’s duty limited to appearing on talk shows? Single-mom to take all the blames?

Sara Ali Khan

Just three movies old in Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan, is still identified more of a star kid, than a star herself. However, within her shirt span in limelight, the Kedarnath debutant has amassed a huge fan following and popularity for her grounded nature and contagious happy-go-lucking charm.

Her signature girl-next-door charm has spoken to the average Indian audience who were done to death with “woke” actresses with fake accents. They craved relatability, which they found in Sara.

Hence, it came as a huge shocker when her name tumbled out during the investigations succeeding Sushant Singh Rajput’s unnatural death on June 14th, this year. After Mumbai Police, the case was handed over to CBI, and the focus has extended to a possible drug link shared by many Bollywood biggies. Among them are Shraddha Kapoor, Rakutpreet Singh, Deepika Padukone and Sara Ali Khan.

Coming from a broken family, Sara didn’t foster resentment towards her father’s second wife and child from his second marriage. She was also present at Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s wedding back in 2012, when Sara was a teenager of 17. While this is not a plesant experience fr an average chid from middle-class India, the lives of the stars run in a total different plane. We can never understand or judge their situations for we don’t know life the way they know it.

Are we defending Sara Ali Khan?

The answer is a big fat NO.

If the allegations on the Simba actress are proven true, as responsible citizens we must support our legal system to runs its course.

But what we want to discuss here, is a totally different story. It is being reported that her star-father Saif Ali Khan has denied helping her in this severe case. It is also being reported that Saif has given her earful to his former wife and mother of his two children for the uncomfortable and scandalous situation at hand. Given Sara is an educated young woman of 26, why blame Armita at all? The daughter is an adult who has independently taken her informed decisions.

50-year-old Saif Ali Khan is expecting his second-child with Kareena Kapoor. This will be his fourth kid. A pregnant Kareena Kapoor is in Delhi shooting for her upcoming film with Aamir Khan, Laal Singh Chadda. Saif is with Kareena and Taimur in Delhi, and if rumors were to be believed, wants to have nothing to do with Sara Ali Khan and the drug case she is embroiled in.

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The nation has seen and enjoyed the marvellous chemistry he and his daughter Sara shared on a famous talk show. They discussed crushes, their dating lives, and even bedroom insides. TMI, we know. But we witnessed the father-daughter duo having a lovely time there. A proud father, Saif was all excited for Sara’s burgeoning career and growing fame.

Then, why should one point fingers at the single mother who was left alone with two children to fend for decades ago? Good or bad, aren’t both parents equally responsible for the actions of a child? Or are we still living in the era where a father gets to widen up his chest every time the child brings home a medal, but all failures and bad judgements of the child are blamed to the mother, especially when it’s a child divided between divorced parents?

Bollywood has been very vocal against patriarchy lately. But if there is any truth in the reports about Saif, doesn’t this look like the very evil patriarchy the industry has sworn to put a fight against?

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