7 Reasons Why I Have NOT Watched a Single Season of Bigg Boss. Will Society Accept Me?

bigg boss

I don’t get the fad surrounding Bigg Boss. I know it enjoys crazy fandom across the social strata. But, somehow, this “reality” show never spoke to me.

When I was staying with my parents, I witnessed my mother being an avid viewer of this show. When I moved to a different city for work, stayed with roommates, and saw these girls in their early 20s being crazy about it. Now I’m married. There could be a hundred differences between my maika and sasural, but, the craze for Bigg Boss is the bond. It’s like a Bigg Boss fanjungle out there and I am the odd one alone.

I will tell you why I never took the pain to sit through a single episode of Bigg Boss.

1. The Bhoi Craze

I know there’s an ocean of Bhoi Fans, but I ain’t taking a dip in that ocean. I grew up as a Shah Rukh Khan manic; I have resigned from that position as well. So, I believe, a large chunk of the Bigg Boss viewers are pulled in because of the Bhoi factor. That’s the exact reason I stayed away.

2. “Reality” TV

Give me something as atrocious as a woman with limited access to education washing her husband’s laptop like an old pair of worn-out socks and hanging them on the clothesline. I will still endure it. At least they are honest enough to tell people that this is a work of fiction, a scripted play. And then we have a Bigg Boss, which is supposed to be reality TV. Not that I know anything more than you all, but how many of you think it is all-reality? Seriously?

3.Ahhh.. My Ears!!!

I am quite the sensitive kind. I can’t stand all that chilla-milli to be honest. This is why I prefer arguing with unknown people of Facebook, at least I don’t have to put up with the insane screaming. In a real-world scenario, I prefer dwelling in my shell. I cannot.. with all that sound. And then we have… well, we have one of these characters in every season.. like every season. Co-incidence? No. Reality TV.

4. Fake it like there’s no tomorrow

I have seen so many fake madly-in-love couples back in school, college, workplace, relative’s weddings, and .. not to forget. Facebook, that now, I can tell when I see one. And I only have so much patience for an added angle of fake romance every season of a “Reality Show.” Oh.. so you thought Ashmit Patel and Meera were a real couple? Umm.. on second thought, they could have been. Like, no woman would just leap to wash a random man’s kacchhe unless the alleged love is pretty deep. Or maybe the payment per episode was really good. Guess, we’ll never know.

5. Kutteyyyy… Main Tera Khoon Pee Jaunga

I have watched enough and more Dharmendra and Mithun Chakraborty movies with scenes on the same lines. These over-the-top fight scenes give me a cringe attack. I mean I know this element adds to the entertainment value, but can someone film some less cringy and more convincing fights, please?

6. What on Earth is this “Task”?

The lazy bone I am, I hate to lift a finger if my life depended on it. And then there’s this voice echoing in this house giving out random “Tasks” and that adds no value to no one’s life. If one has to assign a task, at least assign a meaningful one. Why are people held up in cages, behaving like goats? And.. who puts a goat in a cage anyway? Milk it maybe. Or… I don’t know.. make a Biryani out of it. (Sorry, Vegans – or not).

7. No Shocker

I hear from my friends that actors who they thought to be super – sweet, thanks to the super-sanskari characters they essayed on television shows, turned out to be the meanest in this reality TV show. They end up heart-broken after their little bubble bursts. Every time, the one with the best image comes out to be an absolute jerk. This is not even a shocker anymore. Did someone say, “change the script?”

Anyway. I don’t think I have lost a lot skipping these episodes, because the news sites I have subscribed to, made sure that every minutest detail of every episode is forced to my knowledge, whether or not I ask for. One episode is followed by 10 news feeds. In the words of the great Enrique Iglesias, “You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape..” Bigg Boss.

Are you watching this season?

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