Leading daily Calls Suhana Khan Stunner. Readers Disagree; Say Grandma Looks Better

Suhana Khan

It is a phenomenon acknowledged universally that today’s star-kid is the star of tomorrow. Sooner or later, the formula will work out for Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan also. It is only a matter of time before she hit the silver screen with a movie from one of the biggest banners in the industry. Whether she proves herself as a good actress is for time to unravel, but the status of her world-famous parents have earned her a star status already. Owing to this status, the 20-year-old makes headlines, almost every day.

The star kid made another headline on a leading daily this morning (we are at October 8th 2020) and the reason was nothing groundbreaking. Like most of the young ladies her age, she too took to her Instagram to share a fine click taken during a vacation. And this was enough for all big publication house to run a story on her.

“Star kid Suhana Khan is a complete stunner!”

A leading daily put out this headline early this morning along with a full-fledged story on the starkid. But readers on the internet, who have had enough with media-houses and their obsession with and pandering to Nepotism were having none of it.

Within minutes social media was abuzz with netizens slamming the article. The comment section was hilariously mean as well. Some commentators were witty as well.

Some comments were bitterly mean as well, but this would not be the first time Suhana Khan has faced abusive comments. Recently, she took to Social Media to voice out against colorism and share how she has been called ugly since the age of 12 because of her darker skin tone.

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But again, Netizens were fast to point out how Shah Rukh Khan, an icon in himself has endorsed a fairness cream and had contributed in shaping the idea that “fair” is “handsome.” And hence, Suhana must first call out her superstar father for furthering the agenda and then criticize the society at large.

Do let us know what are your views. Will you watch when the star kid finally makes her big-screen debut?

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