“Yeh Karke Batao,” IT Professional Throws in a Challenge for the Secular Ad-makers

TAnishq Ad

So as per “Pseudo-Seculars” and “Fake Liberals” a peaceful online “Democratic” “consumer” right to “protest” by vowing not to use any “Product/Brand” like Tanishq is stupid and silly but being violent, creating a ruckus, burning buses and doing all sorts of “undemocratic” things like burning cities like Bengaluru just over a silly FB post or blocking “Public” roads like in Shaheen Bagh causing a nuisance for traffic, ambulances and making public life miserable by causing inconvenience to the public at large was very awesome. Really ?

The real challenge that no brand will dare to do #AdWithRolesReversed challenge. Why is always one particular religion/community shown as the oppressor and others as victims? Are others so perfect, haven’t we seen or heard of mistreatment being done by followers of religions? Why is it that only one community, its customs, and practices targeted in ads? No one is perfect, we know extremism and fundamentalism exists in all communities and perhaps more so in other communities then why are others customs, rituals, practices not mocked, ridiculed, or preached to any ads?

Aren’t these fair questions to ask? Is asking such a fair question communal or is it rather encouraging equality? These are some of the hard-hitting questions which the “Pseudo-Liberals” always evade or divert or dodge. So one is questioning the inequality here and when one questions inequality some strangely call it as spreading hatred. Rather aren’t such ads creating anguish by repeatedly targeting only one religion and community?

The Ad would have been great if it along with it also showed a Hindu person honoring a certain minority or Christian or a Sikh’s religion as well. It would have been fair and promoted brotherhood. So if the intentions were really to promote brotherhood both sides should have been shown and not just a one-sided skewed narrative.

As for Ratan Tata, which they claim people boycotting Tanishq are calling as Anti-national, well hardly anyone is against him personally. In fact, will buy more of other Tata Products and contribute more to the Tata Group in their other range of products and services.

#BoycottTanishq and #SupportRatanTata both are possible at the same time.

It may be difficult for some to grasp this easily but I hope they realize that Tata Group is a big “conglomerate” and not just Tanishq owner and it’s absolutely possible to do “both” by supporting and buying other Tata Products.

To sum up, its time such selective targeting of any one particular community stops thriving more on propaganda and less on creating social awareness or promoting brotherhood.

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