Advocate from Whose Account Rape Threats Were Given to Kangana Ranaut was my Facebook Friend

Social media is a very strange place, with the virtual world getting real; we need to be so cautious and analytical about things and people.

It was the first day of Navratri and like every year I too was fasting, just when I completed my evening rituals and logged in FB, I saw Kangana Ranaut’s post wishing everyone on the pious festival, and then came the shocker when a person from my friendlist, an advocate who happens to be a lawyer by profession commented on her pic.

“She should be raped in mid-town.”

I was shocked beyond words, I asked him really??  Why?? You are an advocate??   He did not reply.

I took screenshots and posted it on my feeds, I blurred his name thinking maybe I

must wait. But since we had many mutual friends, he was gradually exposed by some.

And not to my surprise this fellow inboxed me that his ID was hacked, which again appeared to be a lie. I thought fair enough, URL and his IP address will prove otherwise and if that’s the case he should file a complaint with police about his ID being hacked, to which he agreed.

Later this fellow started calling a friend, Sumeet Shukla, sick rather than apologizing when confronted.

What bothers me is that we earlier had lots of discussion on rapes, be it the Kathua case, or Priyanka Reddy’s case. And this fellow always acted very righteous. Hence, I never expected such criminal mentality and sick display of hate from him. He is from my town and has a good image in the town as well. It’s sickening to know there are predators among us living a fake life.

Another reason I believe that his claim that his account was hacked and that he didn’t make the rape recommendation on Kagana Ranaut is false is because, when I checked his Twitter account, I discovered his overflowing hate for the actress.

Why should be she raped? For celebrating  Navratra? Because she is a Hindu woman and proud of being so? Or is it because she has an opinion or an ideology which bothers advocate?  In any case you cannot justify rape. A person who is supposed to be the interpreter of constitution by profession, who is expected to bring justice to people, is professing rape for a woman.

The bar association of Odisha and administration must take suo moto cognizance of it and act accordingly.

No official apology has been tendered by the lawyer even after 5 days of incident, the local police has taken any action either despite multiple FIR been lodged.

I don’t know Kangana Ranaut. Nor do I know this advocate personally. I have no grudges against any of them but rape threats to a woman on the social forum are something that must not be ignored. Rape is something one cannot wish for the enemy. As a woman, I shiver thinking of the women who have suffered this. This is the worst crime imaginable, and it becomes worst when it comes from a lawyer’s social media account. How can we share society with such law-practitioners?  Will our daughters and sisters be safe in such a society?

By Purva Bhargava Singh

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