Hey Sonu Sood, How About You Save your Lectures About Diwali Fireworks?

Dear Sonu Sood,

I just went through your tweet where you said that ‘This Diwali light someone’s hearth instead of bursting crackers’. Interesting tweet indeed.

I hear you were slammed with some wisely and indeed rightly asked questions on why don’t you shelve out some of the similar lectures on the non-Hindu festivals. I hear you haven’t answered those questions yet.

Well, here are some more questions and please feel free to ignore them too. You had established yourself as a messiah of the needy when you had voluntarily taken it up on yourself to send the migrant labourers home. The entire nation, at that time, myself included, admired and respected your efforts at time. Considering the fact that helping those in distress should be our topmost priority:

Why does lightning someone’s hearth and bursting crackers have to be mutually exclusive? Can one not do both? Why the selective aversion towards Diwali’s firecrackers?

Talking about lighting someone’s hearth, how do you intend to do that? By donating money or buying his grocery? Either way that would be tantamount to making him dependent and would only help him subsist for a day or two. If you really want to help him, then find a permanent solution to his poverty problem – help him find a job commensurate with his skills or help him set up his business. We have never seen you make such attempt. A one time donation is easy but finding someone a lifetime employment is a tough call. But if you do that you will be blessed for life.

The festival of Diwali helps provide for the livelihood of so many of our potters from rural India. If we spread awareness amongst our friends and associates to buy earthen diyas made by our indigenous potters, not only will it help them make a living in this festive season but will also be a step forward towards ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’. How far have you/will you help in this campaign?

Are you aware of the actual purpose of bursting crackers on Diwali? No, it is not only for fun and show off like what you do in some of your grand Bollywood parties. There is an obvious scientific reason behind this. The salt petre content in the crackers help kill insects and other germs which breed in stagnant water – the water which keeps stagnating in cesspools as it does not evaporate due to the low temperature in October- November. So you want people to suffer more from diseases like dengue, malaria and others of the kind throughout the year because of your ‘go with the flow’ stance of not bursting crackers on Diwali?

The help that you had extended towards the migrant laborers has given you a perception of superiority over others, so much so that you feel that one clarion call from you and all would follow! But this time around, it won’t happen. Why are the Hindu festivals an obvious target for celebs like you to preach morality and pass on social messages, how much fallacious those are? Because Hindus never go for vociferous protests, they can be taken for granted, is it? Well, the points raised above are for your consumption as well as for the consumption of your ‘illustrious’ Bollywood colleagues, who would soon start complaining of asthma and other lung-related diseases or of ‘scared’ pets shortly, as is the routine every year.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sood, your ‘Do Gooder’ image will not cut any ice for Diwali. Try brightening someone’s Diwali by finding him/her a means to earn a living, or else your Diwali tweet is just meant to be ignored like one of your filmy dialogues.


Ranita Chanda

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