The Engineer Who Gave Up On a Promising Career to Promote Indian Fashion Wear

When all Beauty and Fashion YouTubers in India were aping the west, in body language, accent, fashion tips, this civil engineer braved to brace a change. She started a Hindi Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle channel, promoting Indian wear, Indian fashion often fusioned with westerns.

She doesn’t fear going completely make-up free and give her skin camera time, she doesn’t get into the race of looking stick thin and embraces her curvy self. And thus, like a dream, she became one of the first Beauty Bloggers from India to gain over a million subscribers in the smallest timeline.

We get to talk to her:

Leaving a secured job as an engineer to turn towards a journey of insecurities that had no promises. What motivated you to do that?

The excitement of following my passion and waking up every day with a thrill of doing something new and creative encouraged me to take all the risks. Happiness is very important in life and if that is missing then all the risks are worth taking to discover that. I somehow felt that I was on the right path and so I took all the risks and my intuition was definitely right. I am so glad I took the decision.

When most of the style and make-up gurus, even the India-based ones, make videos in English, you embraced Hindi and saw massive success there. You have crossed a million subscribers in no time. What made you go for Hindi?

It was not intentional all. It was all led by comments from my followers. A lot of them commented on my English videos that we love your videos but it would be better if you make them in Hindi because we are more comfortable in that.

 I wanted that my content should reach all the people whether they are comfortable with Hindi or English so I decided to open another Hindi channel called Perkymegs Hindi and made same videos in both the languages for both my channels Perkymegs and Perkymegs Hindi. I was so stunned on how the Hindi videos became popular so quickly and in a year we crossed 1 Million Subscribers on Perkymegs Hindi. The Hindi channel is our main channel today with massive following and engagement.

How much support is needed from in-laws and husband to go the show going?

A strong family support is always needed for a successful professional life. I am a one woman team and I handle everything on my own. YouTube demands a lot time from a creator. From shortlisting video ideas to shooting content to replying to work mails to managing finances, I do everything on my own.

Since I am a new mother too so it is very difficult to manage everything all alone. My in-laws support me so much with the baby so that I can focus on my work. My husband is my pillar strength. From supporting me with shooting fashion videos to encouraging me at all difficult times, I can totally count on him for everything. So this is how I manage Home, Baby and YouTube with a strong family support.

Tell us more about your Lockdown child. That must have been a riot of mixed emotions given the pandemic and arrival of the little one.

The worst part of pandemic was that I had no house help with the arrival of a baby. My parents and in laws had to do everything for me and my baby. We could not celebrate at all and I was all scared for the health of my child and my family. It was such a difficult time.

But when I think about it now I feel that if my baby was not with me in that difficult time I would have been totally depressed. My Baby Navanya kept all of us busy with her beautiful smile and her naughtiness and we can’t believe how time flew and she is about to turn 8 months old now. She is the one who kept us happy in that dark time.

Is motherhood and two channels tiring?

I can’t even begin to describe how difficult and tiring it is. I will be super honest here to say that there are some days when I feel that I can’t do it anymore. But the passion for my work keeps me motivated. If creating content had not been my passion, there was no way I could continue doing YouTube. Passion leads you to places which even you can’t imagine. Having said that, I struggle every day to manage my work, home and baby. I am just waiting for the pandemic to be over so that I can hire a team which can help me with the professional work so that I can find time for other things.

What was the bitterest hateful comment that has stayed with you? How do you manage this constant online hate?

There is no particular hate comment which stayed with me but I always get hate comments for my no makeup looks in my vlogs. I am really not bothered by them because I know that the haters are people who are unhappy in life and they just vent out their anger online on random people. I just wish they find happiness.

Did you ever repent moving to YouTube fulltime? Ever a time when success or income was going down?

No, not at all. There were difficult times initially when I left my job and suddenly my YouTube income also went down but I never felt like I shouldn’t have left my job. I love my work with 100% of my heart and I am grateful that I found something I truly love.

We have seen many Influencers start their own Fashion line or Make-up brand. Do you nurture such dreams?

I would definitely love to start my own fashion line someday which would be a mix of modern Indian designs (which is my personal favorite). Let’s see when that happens 😊

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