Shut the F* up Blue-Haired Pseudo-Feminisht Neha, Hindu Women Will Observe Karwa Chauth if They Want

Karwa Chauth

Not even a month since a young girl in Faridabad was shot dead in broad daylight, in front of her family member, by a stalker who was forcing her to not only marry him but also change her religion before the planned marriage. The girl refused and was killed. The mother of this murderer expressed no remorse on her son’s doing. Instead, she stated that the dead girl should have agreed to marry her son so he didn’t have to kill her. I read no articles by famed, self-styled feminist cabal condemning this horrific act in tall columns.

Cut to: Its 4th November, Karwa Chauth Day. And.. its Showtime…

Blue-haired Pseudo-Feminisht, let’s call her Neha, suddenly wakes up from her slumber. She reaches for her laptop and shows up at the coffee shop she sits at for hours writing those 500 rupees per article blogs. The coffee shop provides easy access to fast internet that she can’t afford at her home. She had already invested her last bit in buying the flashy Macbook.

The Hindu festive season is a booming period for all businessmen, that’s how prosperous they are. Why should the blue-haired Feminisht Neha not benefit from it?

Neha runs her business by attempting to turn the age-old Hindu traditions into her hollow social media campaigns. “Say no to Raksha Bandhan, women don’t need the man to protect her.” This copyright of this ide belongs to Aamir Khan though. Remember that episode of “Satyamev Jayate’? Yeah, that one.

So this has been a trend even since. Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Karwa Chauth become their easy money making occasions. “Oh so patriarchal, belittling woman… slavery… bla bla bla..”

The blue-haired feminisht Neha tries hard to look empowered in her Rs 500 blog post. But fails to sum up the guts to question rituals that force women to sleep with her brother-in-law or father-in-law or any random person in order to go back to being married to her husband who had divorced her by uttering a monosyllabic word repeatedly. Huh! Some empowerment!

When a woman is forced to change her religion for marrying a man who claims to love her, the blue-haired feminisht Neha claps in exhilaration. “Wow.. what’s religion before love. She did it for her love.”  In such time, Blue-haired Neha does ask why a woman should need to relinquish the faith she has been following since her birth. The cat gets her tongue. So I don’t blame Neha completely. I can see the justified fear under the garb of her fake empowerment. I mean, who wants to be killed anyway?

Now, blue-haired Neha has a blast on Karwa Chauth. It is the Uncle Tom of Patriarchy, she says. On an average Karwa Chauth day, a woman fasts from dawn to moonrise. This is not the only fast that asks one to fast. There are other fasts also that happen during the daytime and are opened to a buffet at sundown. But Blue-haired Feminist Neha would list down 100 health benefits of those fasts.

Their objection is, Karwa Chauth fast is only done by women? Just a week before, Hindu households worshipped little girls, and only girls, as Goddesses. But Blue-haired Feminisht Neha goes blind during such events. They don’t ask why only girls are worshiped? There are fasts only Hindu women do, and then there are fast both genders do. Every Dharma has its own ways. The Hindu-hating bigot, the blue-haired feminisht Neha, doesn’t get this. Or maybe she gets it, but then she also gets the 500 rupees for her “woke” blog post.

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Anyway. I have seen woman in defence observe Karwa Chauth. I have seen a lady pilot observe Karwa Chauth. I have seen women holding key positions in corporates observing Karwa Chauth. All of them a dozen times more established and empowered than a blue-haired feminisht Neha can ever be. Let her enjoy the 500, while the other  millions of Hindu women, spend a day of festivities, adorning their palm with mehendi, dolling up in new clothes and colourful make-up they got as gifts from their husbands who they love so much.

After all… har kisi ko nahi milta yaha pyaar zindagi mein.

One Mehendi wali didi made 25,000 from our society on Karwa Chauth eve. That too being in a south Indian city where Karwa Chauth is not even a rave. That is 24500 more than what the blue-haired pseudo-feminisht Neha makes by writing a woke anti-Karwa Chauth article, laced with fat English words. This is why our heritage is here to stay. We don’t just celebrate. We help others prosper.

PS: The constitution of India grants every Hindu woman to follow her faith. If she wants to observe the Karwa Chauth, no blue-haired can or shame her from availing what is her constitutional right.

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