Read the News on Whatsapp that Sunday Afternoon; Couldn’t Breath… Dear Manav, Why?


It was the summer of 2009 when I first saw the promo of a serial on Zee TV that I could have easily overlooked if it were not for your smile and boyish charm. There was a boy on-screen in a checkered shirt playing a mechanic with such ease and I fell in love with you. But my ‘Pavitra Rishta’ with you could be dated back to 2008 when you played Preet in ‘Kis Des Mein Hai Mera Dil’ and oh boy! Your smile was the show stealer.

The show that aired in June 2009 went on to create history and so did you! From the June of 2009 to 14th June, 2020, if anything changed it was the amount of respect I had for you. June 14th will forever be etched in my heart for it destroyed a little something inside me. Not that we knew each other personally but then you had a universal connection with your fans. You were one of us- a dreamer making it big in the ‘Sapno ki Mahanagri’ and with every leap, you became the brightest star in the galaxy of Bollywood.

I distinctly remember it was 2.10 PM on a Sunday afternoon when I came across a WhatsApp forward and my heart sank. I could not breathe for next few minutes and what followed was weeks of despair and darkness. I kept watching your old interviews and videos on you tube. Re-read your Instagram posts and tried to read between the lines. The pain just won’t go. I have stopped watching news around your death now because there is only chaos and nothing else. I see only hashtags and Facebook lives. And daily challenges and rant posts. Why can I not see you once more?

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I will never be able to watch your movies again because it hurts. Every single time. They will say a thousand things about you but I shall hold onto the only TRUTH- you were the boy with a gazillion stars in his eyes. With a smile that made million hearts leap. With the intellect so rare. A boy who wanted to create history and look how!!You will be someone’s Gulshan. Someone’s Sushi. But for me, you will forever be Manav. You will live on. And no….NOT SERI !!!!!One of your million fans.

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This letter is shared by Richa Saxena.

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