Diwali Special Recipe: Mouthwatering Chandrakala from Bihar

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals of the Hindus. Bhagwan Ram’s return to his palace, added with the auspicious Lakshmi Pooja. Also, Bengalis celebrate Kali Pooja on the night of Diwali. That gives us three reasons to be exhilarated about, the celebration, hence, ought to be grad too.

We hear some media houses are discouraging you from relishing sweets on Diwali? Are you kidding me? We Hindus won’t devour on the rich variety of sweets we have on such a special day? For the joy of what?

Remember that the media houses that lecture not to have our oily mithai on Diwali, list down what 10 cakes you must not miss on other festivals. I mean, nothing against cakes, I love them too. But are the heaps of refined sugar, cream, icing and fondant that’s goes into a cake healthier than the super food desi ghee that goes into most of the Indian mithai?

Paying no heeds to the pseudo media houses that envy our mithai plate, prepare some of the most exotic sweets connected to our roots. Here’s a super easy recipe of a delicious sweet from Bihar, Chandrakala. It is loaded with the goodness of khoya and dry fruits as well. Do give it a try, prepare it, share with your loved ones tomorrow.

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