The Kind of “Atmanirbhar Bharatiyas” we need – Prateek Rathee

While 2020 has been quite the bummer for many, Prateek Rathee has celebrated his happiest birthday this year with a family of 500 K subscribers. An upcoming YouTuber who also runs a thriving business that he has worked for since teen years, Prateek is quite the kind of youth you would want to look up to. What’s more? He is good-looking, amiable and a total doting husband to a stunning wife.

He is the kind of millennials we want to talk about when we uphold the idea of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

First of all, many congratulations on your 5 Lac subscribers. Tell us how does it feel? You run a very demanding business that absorbs the better part of your time. How do you manage to vlog regularly? Spill the beans on you time management skills.

Thanks a lot for all your wishes!

Well when I was in 12th my mom passed away and My dad was very old left all alone and all the responsibilities came on my shoulders. That’s when I started supporting my family alongside my college by picking up manpower supply govt. contracts and that is the time I’m most thankful to for teaching me the value of time and how to utilize/manage to get the most out of it. Since then, it has been an habit and a part of my lifestyle.

Also, my wife Pooja helps me by managing a lot for me when it comes to YouTube, be it the first draft edit of a vlog or doing shopping for me. I never go and buy my clothes for myself. All I do is just work at scaling Homezop and shooting vlogs in between. She handles and supports me in it in every possible way at backstage. it’s a two man show that we both run together.

What brought you to Vlogging?

Well Since childhood I loved to shoot short films and make video films for my sister’s and friends on birthdays and occasions. And I realized that people just felt so good while watching those videos, it gave them an emotional boost and that’s when I learnt how to edit videos and tell stories via videos.

But then things changed post 12th and I had so many responsibilities to fulfil so my passion for movie making was forgotten. It was in 2017 that My Brother in law (Gaurav) started his first YT channel and that’s what made me regain that love for filmmaking and storytelling via short films but couldn’t pursue it because I was still young and a one man army busy with a lot to handle and scaling my (back then just a small) startup-Homezop.

But after I was featured on Gaurav’s video during my marriage, people loved me. I started getting these messages that I should start vlogging as well. It’s then on people’s demand that I started my channel and when my vlogs came out people just loved them so much and rest is just history.

You have another famous Vlogger in the family. We are talking about Flying Beast. Nothing like the Jija-saala chemistry in an Indian household. But, have you ever felt a sense of competition brewing up in the family?

Competition?? HAHAAHAH Naah! Not at all….Gaurav and I are very much like brothers and we’re a very closely knit of a family. We are very supportive of each other work. I, in fact, look up to him for the achievements he’s been able to gain and all the hard work he puts in all his ventures.

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Do you feel opening too much about your personal lives have in anyway adversely affected your lives?

Well I’ll say fame and especially something like real life/lifestyle vlogging is a two way sword as the Japanese say….it has its ultimate benefits and also some downsides. But being an extrovert, I have been able to enjoy the perks of it more than the downsides.

Do you really show everything online? Like fights with your better-half also, or would you prefer keeping those moments off camera?

Look if we talk of Vlogs…A Vlog is a Video Log of a story that happened in real life. It needs to have the right opening a good story which is organic. For the audience, to be interested in and a happy closing. YouTube is all about being real and that’s how the millennials and our generation is – very open about not just wins but also real life losses and bad days.

 I tend to keep things as real as possible, be it good days or bad ones…and that’s how we connect so well to our audience, although my aim through my channel is to spread as many smiles as possible by making these little efforts in life.

Vlogging is the latest rave. What suggestions are you going to give to your subscribers who are chasing the dream of becoming a successful Vlogger like you?

I would only suggest newcomers to not start a channel or vlogging only by seeing other’s being successful. Start only if you’re too passionate about it or you really feel that this is what you really want to do.

Also YouTube or any social media platform for that sake I’ll say is a lot about the right shots at the right time….so I always tell youngsters to have a steady inflow of income a steady business/job alongside before going full-time in vlogging because there are way too many factors at play rather than just content or filmmaking or right time.

A booming business, a growing YouTube Family. What are your next plans?

Haha. Well I’m really humbled and thankful to God for giving me so much at this point of time in life. And trust me I couldn’t have imagined to reach here. All of this started just as an experiment that reached 500K people and has touched more than 5 million lives. This is a dream come true, I plan on working with more dedication and hard work for my YT family whose love has made me reach here and Scale Homezop as “The Real Estate Developers for Millennial Families” by delivering more than 5,000 homes by 2025 end.

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