Sita’s Abduction Justified? Well, that’s what Saif Ali Khan starrer “Adipurush” is all set to establish, allegedly

Bollywood film entertainer, Saif Ali Khan, who has a penchant for making untoward comments, courts controversy one more time. Khan has been cast in the role of Raavan in ‘Tanhaji’ fame, Om Raut’s upcoming blockbuster, apparently based on the Ramayan, ‘Adipurush’.

The film, slated to release in 2022, stars the South Indian superstar, Prabhas in the title role, based on Bhagwan Sri Ram. When asked to comment about his role in the film, Khan commented that, in order to up the entertainment quotient, they have tried to ‘humanize’ Raavan in the film by justifying his act of abducting Sita Mata and his war with Sri Ram is also being shown as an act of revenge for Lakshman’s treatment meted out towards Raavan’s sister, Surpanakha.

Saif Ali Khan, who claims to be a history buff, had, on an earlier occasion commented during an interview post the release of his film, ‘Tanhaji’, with leftist liberal film critic, Anupama Chopra, that the concept of Bharat never existed before the British rule. This statement not only revealed his scant or zero knowledge of Indian history but also displayed his sheer lack of respect for our country’s roots and heritage.

Saif Ali Khan, who had made his debut in Bollywood in 1993, was never known for his acting prowess despite being the son of celebrated film actress, Sharmila Tagore, who is famed as one of Satyajit Ray’s discoveries and one of his favourite leading ladies. He was often trolled and criticized for his lackluster, cliched acting. Hence his casting as Raavan in the ‘Adipurush’ raised a lot of eyebrows. With that comment on humanizing Raavan, he has made things even worse for himself as well as that of the film.

While the whole nation, except for a few leftist liberals, have shunned Bollywood post the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the drug-ISI nexus with the industry being revealed even more, such an insensitive comment, quite expectedly did not augur well with cine-goers and all at large.

The first look of the film had raised hopes amongst the culture buffs of our nation that ‘Adipurush’ would tread a different path from the usual Bollywood films which smirk of Hinduphobia, and portray the life and journey of Sri Ram, the pivot of our nation’s nationalist movement.

But that comment by Khan has dealt a severe blow to the such hopes of the film lovers of our country adding the film in the ranks of the series of Hinduphobic ones, in line with Bollywood’s agenda of brainwashing the people of this nation against Hinduism and making heroes out of demons mentioned in Hindu scriptures.

Khan’s remarks are also in keeping with the leftist narrative, who have, in the past tried to take an empathetic look at Mahisasur and also Raavan. The leftist Lutyens writers have tried to glorify Raavan as a pious Brahmin who was an ardent devotee of Shivji and also someone who ‘respected women’ because he never touched Sita Mata even after abducting her and kept her in Ashokvan guarded by an army of Rakshashis.

The real reason for Raavana not touching Sita Mata was not due to his strength of character but due to a curse which was bestowed on him by his nephew, Nalkuvera because Raavan raped the latter’s wife, Rambha.

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There is no way that Raavan can be glorified or humanized by retaining the authenticity of the Ramayan. Thus, it is understandable, that this film is on it’s way of once again distorting our history in the garb of artistic freedom, so typical of Bollywood these days.

As the legend goes, the ten heads of Raavan signify ten different negative traits a human life owns- ego or ahankara; attachment or moha; regret or paschyataap; anger or krodha; hatred or ghrina; fear or bhaya; jealousy or irshya; greed or lobha; lust or kama and inertia/insensitivity or jaddata. This in itself implies that Raavan is the epitome of the negative forces. How can he be humanized?

Going by this incident, it is obvious that Bollywood is not ready to learn it’s lessons despite the severe public backlash against its systematic attempt at maligning Hinduism and the Indian entity at large. They, it seems, are more keen at serving the interests of their ISI-terror mongering masters and catering to a certain section of society who rejoice at the thought of Hindu bashing. It is really an unfortunate state of affairs coming from India’s major film industry at present.

By: Ranita Chandra

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