Canada-based Indian talks about the genocide of 84′, reminds Hindus and Sikhs to stay united.

A few have asked me to post an explanation and counter the disturbing trend to divide us through misinformation, so here it goes. Sikhs have been an integral part of the northern frontier of India. They have been instrumental in defending the region from foreign invaders and in wars with Pakistan. Their presence in India army is a formidable one and has been a thorn for hostile neighbouring nations.

Thus the campaign to segregate and divide Sikhs began. It actually began with the British and then continued internally and externally in India. Pakistanis have been instrumental in this campaign as well as the American intelligence agencies. A political misadventure by Indira Gandhi gave an opportunity to exploits such divisions and Bhindranwala was picked up by ISI.

These very people are descendants of those who murdered Gurus, women and children. The very people who performed torture against our own just like ISIS is doing today. Further divisions amongst Sikhs was already in works and exploited by the Badals by propagating the “Jat Sikhs purity” card. Already a dwindling population of 2% was further divided by internal caste campaigns. Harimandir Sahib collects crors daily and yet there is no official institution to educate and certify religious clergy of the Sikhs.

This too is by design, an educated clergy will shut down “money making” shops/religious institutions that support these divisions and terror mindset. Sikhism does not support aggression of any kind. The first instance of first aid/red cross was initiated by Guru Gobind Singh when he ordered Bhai Kahaniya not only to serve water to wounded Muslim aggressors in battle, but also provide first aid. This is the honour our Gurus instilled within us. Not to blow up innocent people in planes, buses or market places.

We are lions and we don’t fight like cowards. We fight in defence only and face on! Further, mass movement to propagate spurious translations of history and scriptures are daily flooded on internet. The enemy has become the brother while the brother has become the enemy. Daily false propaganda against RSS has become laughable especially when RSS and Modi is being blamed for the 84 genocide.

What we know today about Congress and Pak/ISI entrenchment/bonhomie we didn’t during the insurgency days. Imagine if Ajmal Kasab was not caught? Saffron terror campaign by Congress would have succeeded. Thanks to our brave policemen in Mumbai it didn’t. But just imagine how these forces must have tried to create and divide Sikhs and Hindus during insurgency? I had/have many relatives in police and army and many have testified that fake Pakistani terrorists were used to carry out ethnic cleansing of Hindus from buses and trains.

Further divisive politics was played during 84 riots. I can imagine how Congress giggle and smile when issue of 84 genocide is raised and blamed on Hindus. Ethnic cleansing is a hallmark of Islamic fundamentalists and Pakistan. My fellow Sikhs and Hindus, are we so dumb that we are falling for such spurious campaigns? Once again stay united and filter through the propaganda and get to the facts!

By Jazz Singh

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