After 250 successful take offs, Captain Nick has a New Goal

She studied to become a journalist, landed up becoming a radio jockey. Even that didn’t work out for Neharicka as her destination was somewhere else. She decided on quitting both and took charge of career independently.

The career she then built has taken off very well and Captain Nick has been on a roll ever since. Get your favorite cuppa and sit down to learn how it all happened.

You had studied to become a journalist, and today you are this all-rounder famous social media personality. Do you love the tangent destiny played with you?

I created my destiny. In retrospect I think I made a wise choice , I didn’t suppress that one voice which told me to give it a try. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m happy and content with my career choice. Although I know I would’ve made a good journalist too.

Of all the characters that you have created on screen, which one is your absolute favourite?

That’s a difficult pick. The mother character (Mataji) is immensely loved by my subscribers and even I enjoy playing that character but my favourite one is Shakuntala Aunty (the Vamp)

Which one is the most difficult to play?

Mataji. She is super fictional, whenever I go Live on Instagram or even in public where my subscribers meet me, they request me to act like her but I can’t do an impromptu cameo because I need to dress up as Mataji and be in her zone to get her accent.

What was your first video that went viral and when did you realize that? What was the “I have arrived moment” for Captain Nick?

Types of women in parlour boomed and changed everything for me. The traffic started coming my way and it was unbelievable to see how my subs shot up just like that. The moment people commented that I’ve copied from this one channel (who made a video on similar topic and used several of my dialogues) which was posted 3-4 months after my release, I pinned a comment for the ‘haters’ to always see the publish date before commenting stuffs like that. That was my 1st “youtuber” moment. I felt validated.

You have created over 250 videos. Which one gave you the toughest time filming?

The skits with multiple characters and frames are always difficult to shoot and edit. Topics like Shaadi ka Rishta (6 characters) , Couples Vs Singles Vs Married People in Lockdown (6 Characters) etc are difficult and exhausting.

You have often been compared to Superwoman and Riskshawali. At times these comparisons have been rather rude. How do you react to that?

Superwoman yes, never got compared to Rickshawali however. I don’t blame people who compare me with Lily because I don’t know how to deny the fact that she is the 1st one to start playing mother character. But did I copy the way she writes her script, accent, nuances ? No. That I don’t. I made sure I keep all that real and very much Captain Nick.

What was your family’s reaction to this unconventional choice of career?

Initially they didn’t not understand what’s going on. After I explained them everything they were really supportive but they wanted me do some real work along with this so that I have a backup.

We understand that Nick is short for “Niharicka.” But why Captain Nick?

When I was doing R&D about YouTube , I saw all these creators had unique and striking names like Superwoman, Miranda Sings, Rickshawali etc. To which I thought it’s mandatory to have a cool and catchy name like this. Did some brain storming with my brother and we settled with Captain Nick.

How different is Niharicka from Captain Nick? Tell us more about Niharicka.

Niharicka is generally quiet in front of strangers at least in the start then the extrovert jumps out later. Whereas on the other hand CaptainNick is always vibing with her followers and subs. She’s not awkward to say and do weird things.

Would you want to transcend to films or television or other avenues of entertainment?

Absolutely! That’s the goal.

How do you connect with your fans apart from giving a “heart” react to their comments?

I reply to my DMs as and when I can. I reply to comments , I occasionally video chat with my fan page owners on zoom (they are the cutest) and I keep telling them how proud and grateful I’m to have them in my team.

We see YouTubers in the west – say Superwoman, Miranda – go on Global Fan tours. Can we expect Captain Nick going on such tours given your fan base is quite global also?

See, I would love to do something like that but again it’ll be labelled copied of western creators so I think I want to work on it and come up with something new and exciting.

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