Bengal Doctor Shares, Farmers Protest is Threatening State’s Healthcare Machinery amidst Pandemic

To be a healthcare professional in a pandemic is tough, especially when you are caught unprepared. That’s exactly what most of the healthcare systems around the world faced when they were caught unaware amidst a virus on a rampage quite determined to perform its dance of death.

India put in the timely brakes risking its economy to save lives and buy time for us. So that the spread of the virus can slow down and our resources do not get overwhelmed. Despite our variegated political affiliations I would say every state performed admirably in coherence with the central administration in procuring and supplying protective gears, medicines and respirators.

Given the gargantuan dynamics and distances needed to be traversed to be able to do so seamlessly require exceptional hard work and dedication. No words can be spoken enough in gratitude for every state administration and government of India to be able to pull this feat off in tandem. In spite of their political differences and logistical challenges .

With the second wave of pandemic with a newer strain knocking at our doors we need to be extra cautious to not let our guards down. Unfortunately this time we are facing an unprecedented short supply of Nitryle gloves that we were to be delivered in November.

An anxious enquiry into the matter revealed that the supplier failed to negotiate his delivery trucks through the sit in protest at the Delhi Gurgaon border of the farmers. He now has to reroute his entire contingent through railways. To a commoner this might seem hardly much of an issue. After all these are just gloves.

But that route is also used to for transit of medicines from Himachal Pradesh that we will soon be requiring in subsequent months. During pandemic times a shortage of protective gears puts us health workers at huge risk not just to our own detriment but also enhances spread of the disease from one patient to another through us during our asymptomatic phase.

The protest rally has been throttling the arterial roads to Delhi and is creating an economic outfall that our fledgling economy right now can ill afford. It’s just not a matter of farmer’s livelihood of one state now but that of many small industries that is facing the brunt of it. Our health care system hurdles is just an example of the fraction of the problem. And, be mindful, this fraction is not a meagre one. Breakdown of the healthcare system, especially in such pandemic types can lead to unrepairable damage to the health of millions.  There could be loss of lives as well.

Who will be responsible for those lives lost? Those who have blocked a major transportation lifeline, or those who are inciting them? Not the healthcare professionals for sure.

Shared by Tanuka Banerjee

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