From Daru ka Peg to 3-ingredient-instant Maggi, Famous YouTuber Nisha Gives Us all The Tea – Literally!

Sharing the flavors of life from Garhwal to Noida, Nisha shares her food recipes, kitchen hacks, and vlogs that keep your taste buds, alive, and your body, healthy. And that is how a regualar woman earn crazy popularity and shot up to become a widely known personality.

You have any queries and confusion about recipes? You must hop on Nisha’s channel and you will find every answer you are looking for.

Well, even we were looking for some quick answers. So, we hit Nisha up for a rapid fire and fire our question…. And her you have the answers.

You have surprise guests at home and there is nothing much you can serve. What will you prepare for your guests with just 3 ingredients?


The easiest recipe that’s the shortest cut to the husband’s heart?

Daaru ka peg

What makes a perfect morning? Adrak chai or elaichi chai?

Adrak chai

One dish that you just hate making?

Arhar ki dal

Which is the most boring recipe ever?


Suggest a unique Maggie recipe that can be made in 15 minutes with only 3 added ingredients.

Cheese cup Maggi with Tomato, cheese & onion

What makes the menu for a perfect New Year Brunch with 5 dishes.

Fried Chicken, wine, kadhai paneer, Kheer, Butter Naan

What would you add to your super desi version of pasta?

Garam Masala

One roadside dish/food item that you know the bhaiya prepares better than you.

Chicken momos

Pani puri is better with more chilli or more imli?


If you could use only one chatni to your favorite chat what will you go for? Green chatni or red chatni?


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