Opps!!! Captain Nick Gets Caught in Weird Situations!!

Captain Nick is a champion of imagining situations and enacting them sending us in splits. But we say, its easy to be in situation you create for yourself.

So, this time, we pulled Captain Nick into some real weird and uncomfortable situations. Lets see how the captain salvages herself:

So, Captain Nick, imagine you are in the lift with the nosy padoswali aunty and the lift stops. What would you do?

Captain Nick: Start screaming ‘bachao bachao’ so that the watchman can come and remove both of us as soon as possible.

You fall asleep at the beauty parlour and wake up to weirdly done eyebrows.

Captain Nick: Take a selfie for future funny post and then maybe complain and cry and ask her to fix the brows.

You are at a cousin’s wedding and – surprise – the groom is your ex from High school.

Captain Nick: Hug the bride tightly and tell her all the best behan, eat extra food, dance extra and bitch about the groom with ladki walas.

You are with your crush at your restaurant, enjoying an amazing meal, and… you have to fart.

Captain Nick: Excuse the crush, pretend like I have to make an important call and sprint to the washroom.

After filming the whole video you see you had spinach stuck in your teeth the whole time.

Captain Nick: Put a CTA saying- how many people found it relatable and ask them to comment “what do they do in situations like this?”

Your friends throw you a surprise birthday party and are at your home now… but you have a secret plan to watch a movie with your favourite person?

Captain Nick: Start sneezing and coughing, tell them to leave after this sweet gesture because maybe I’m symptomatic and I don’t want transfer any disease. Once they leave – execute the main plan.

You are travelling by bus and when the conductor reaches you for ticket, you realize you don’t have your wallet.

Captain Nick: But I have my phone. If he accepts I’ll gpay or Paytm if not him then someone in the bus might be having it. I’d ask them to buy me a ticket and transfer the money to them instead.

You wake up and see your channel is hacked, name changed, all videos removed. What will be your first reaction?

Captain Nick: First reaction – lots of screaming with tears flowing down.

You meet a diehard fan at a foreign location she turns out to be crazy, starts following you everywhere.

Captain Nick: If she’s following me everywhere I’ll make sure I go to absolute weird places

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