Twitter users trended Hashtag “Anti Hindu Amazon Kindle” for This Reason

Ad films and movies creating a perception of perfection and manliness of men belonging to a particular community in the minds of the young and gullible Hindu women, in comparison to the Hindu men is a trend which has now transcended to the literary world also.

One such example of erotic literature is a book which goes by the name, ‘Hindu wife’s affair with Muslim lover’. The Amazon-kindle book has a cover featuring a skull cap wearing man and a bindi sporting woman displaying her cleavage generously.

Journalist, Swati Goel Sharma tweeted that Amazon kindle is full of e-books on porn literature and rape fantasies featuring Muslim men and Hindu women and that there are scores of books by dozens of authors on the said topic.

The NCW Chief, Rekha Sharma, taking cognizance of Swati Goel Sharma’s tweet, immediately sent a letter to the Senior President & Country Manager, Amazon, Amit Agarwal requesting Amazon India to “take all measures to stop the transmission of any such content that may perpetrate and promote crime against women”. Amazon has promptly removed the book after receiving NCW’s letter.

However, the incident has left an ugly impression in the minds of all sane and sensible Indians, more specifically that of the Hindu community which caused them to trend this on twitter- #AntiHindu_Amazon_kindle.

The vulgar description of Hindu women lusting for the Muslim men, as mentioned in the book in question ( particularly due to their circumcised male organ and the Muslim men reciprocating the lust and their preference for Hindu women has the potential for two-fold evil.

Firstly, it creates a false sense of male supremacy attributed to a particular community amongst a few gullible Hindu women, making the former more acceptable to them as a partner and protector.

Secondly it creates an extremely negative and indecent yet racy image of Hindu women amongst men of other communities, objectifying them and making them appear easily available. Such works have the potential for encouraging rape and other crime against women, even if this may not be the sole cause for the same.

This is all the more alarming in keeping with the fact that Hindu women have often been the target of sexist comments, if not action per se in instances of Hinduphobia amongst other communities.

Who can forget the recent comments by ex-cricketer turned actor, Yograj Singh, father of Yuvraj Singh, during the Farmers’ ‘protest’ regarding Hindu women – ‘their women were sold for 2 cents’. This clearly reflects the general impression that the Hinduphobic individuals have of Hindu women and such erotic literature, objectifying Hindu women adds fuel to the fire.

There is no denying the fact that all interfaith marriages between Hindu women and Muslim men may not be with the intent of ‘Love Jihad’ and some may be born out of genuine love, where the couples are leading a happy and blissful married life. But the rising cases of Hindu women tricked into love affairs by men from other communities forging a Hindu identity are a cause of concern, as it often ends up in death of the woman or her life gets ruined even if she escapes death.

The onus lies on the Hindu community and the sensible and rational individuals from all other communities to not only protest against such artistic crime against women, in unison, thus making all aware of it’s perils.

Also healthy literature, art and films must be made parallelly portraying the valor of Hindu men and piety of Hindu women, often by citing stories from our mythology and history so that the young minds become aware of the richness and beauty of our Sanatan Dharma – the root of our culture and heritage.

By Ranita Indic

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