Abandoned for Being a Girl-child, Soumali Adhikary’s well-monied Success-story is an Inspiration for Many

She was abandoned by her own family because she was born as a girl and her paternal grandmother wanted a grandson. She was brought up by her maternal grandparents and for the longest time, she was under the impression that her maternal granny is her mother.

But unlike the constantly complaining, “Smash the Patriarchy” chanting urban pseudo feminist, Soumali Adhikary harbours nothing but love for her biological family and the younger brother who came along.   She helped not only the brother but also the brother’s wife in their lives.

A girl coming from a rural Bengal village, is now one of India’s top bloggers and is snatching product endorsements from Bollywood’s top actresses. Her story is worth knowing. So read on as we talk to her.

A regular housewife with Million+ YouTube subscribers. You are showing just your regular day to day activities. Why do you think your life is so interesting for those who don’t know you?

To be honest, everyone’s life is interesting, but we all need to find out what excites us, and if you are excited about your life and be self-aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are then gradually you tend to polarize the like-minded things.

I strongly believe that if someone stranger watches me and my daily lifestyle through YouTube. Maybe I can inspire them a little to kickstart the search for their strengths in life and that way they can find out what excites them the most and lead a great purpose out of it.

You were born in a family from rural Bengal and were abandoned because you are a girl. You were born and brought up at your maternal grandparent’s house. Do you have any – even a little bit – bitterness in your heart for your family?

I pray that such ordeal does not happen to anyone, but luckily, I am thankful to God about whatever ramifications it bought in my life. I am grateful to my maternal grandparents and all those people in that residence who helped me become the person I am today.

My grandparents never let the thought linger in my mind that - ”I am living away from my biological parent”. I never felt that I missed the chance to experience what a mother’s love is. I certainly have no bitterness about this, as whatever happens, happens for good. And the people who watch my vlog already know my story.

Despite being abandoned by your family, we have seen you do so much for them. Your sister-in-law is also a budding regional YouTuber. Do you look at it as competition growing in the family? What is your contribution in Tina’s success?

I never felt any competition from Tina, even if she grows more than me, I will be happy for her.

If I would have felt competition, then why I would have brought her to this platform in the first place? Why I would have purchased a laptop for them to edit? Why I would have bought a Mobile and DSLR Camera for them to shoot their video? Why I would have brought my brother to my Bangalore house for a 3 month paid training for how to vlog, how to edit etc.? Why I would have mentored Tina for almost a year? Why I would have promoted her channel on my all Social Media Handles also run YouTube Ads of their video on my company expanses?

I am a person who believes in helping people to grow in their life but do not like to boast, me and my husband did many such things at many times for different people, but never willing to highlight the same as we believe highlighting is not a good thing but since I have to be honest in the interview hence told this time publicly.

3 successful YouTube channels, a husband and a kid. And then there is an adorable puppy. How do you manage your time between all this? Isn’t that too much pressure?

We all are human and sometimes we do get burnout and stressful days and whenever I feel like that I do take a break and try to pause my vlog for a few days, that is why you won’t see me uploading vlog every day and I do believe that quality is more important than quantity. Now coming to my family, I am thankful that Mithun helps me in my YouTube work, Aryan is such a matured boy that he does his own work, and coming to Oscar, he is naughty, but he is our stressbuster.

Exactly in which point in your life did you think you will start a vlogging channel, and why? Tell us more about this journey please.

Honestly, I never planned anything, it came on the flow when my beauty tips channel was growing, and those subscribers wanted to know more about me. Till now I get messages that, “Soumali Di you have inspired me to start my own channel”, and that just makes my day. I try to make my vlog a bit informational as well, by giving information about this and that place, so that people watching me can also get some value out of it. My content can be interesting for someone, can be inspiring to someone. So, here I am riding the waves with my viewers, to this stage.

A regular housewife, not the “super sexy” kind either. Still you are flooded with brands endorsements. Why do you think brands are selecting you for endorsing their products and not a Kareena Kapoor?

A film star is highly maintained but we housewives are certainly are not, and if you analyze the pattern of human psychology, then we tend to buy more from the recommendation of someone we trust therefore my viewers who trust me end up buying. I never promote a product without using it, also I always mention in my video description if I am promoting a product.

I have rejected 50+ endorsement as I was not convinced with the product quality. I am trustworthy to my viewers, probably that is the reason behind brand reaching me for endorsing their products as they are also convinced that this person will try to give an authentic view on the product.

Recently there was conspiracy theories that you are jealous of your newborn nephew because you were unable to pay a visit to them. How do you cope up with the constant hate you get from strangers online?

Any conspiracy theory is baseless until proven, and the allegation is just an opinion developed based on biasness. Coming to the answer to your question, what is there to be jealous of a newborn baby? The people who are scribbling such defamation words against me in their head are coming with a farrago that does not have any strait-laced explanation.

A lot of new YouTubers are making channels only to gossip about you, and other famous YouTubers. What is your message for them?

All the very best.

What next, Soumali? Is the journey going to stay limited to YouTube, or do you have plans of transiting of the television world also?

Would definitely love to explore the bigger world and recently we have done a collaboration with Zee Bangla but who will give chances to us, please refer my name if you know any, haha.


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