Critical Comparision Between Lord Ram and King Henry VIII will Leave Hindus Shocked, Proud

Bharat, the beloved country of the Hindus, is a country of evil patriarchy, say the intellectuals.

Intellectuals, who dismiss Bharat’s beloved King, Bhagwan Ram from the Treta Yuga, as a “myth”, often drag him to prove how evil the society of Bharat is. “They hate their women. Ram put Sita through an Agnipariksha to prove her chastity., Say the English-speaking intellectuals. Our generations have grown to think it to be true. After all the English-speaking sophisticated people are saying so. Do you know, that the English King Henry VIII had married his second wife by breaking away from his Church?

After three years of marriage, on being instigated by a cunning Minister, out of sheer suspicion that his wife was having an illicit relation with low social stature, the English King ordered that his Queen be beheaded. To further blacken the Queen’s character in the eyes of the people, the King, and his Jury alleged that the queen has incestuous relationships with her natural brother. She pleaded not guilty but was beheaded in full public view. This happened in the 16th century. The English King, Henry VIII went on to have six wives.

But you never hear anyone say England was cruel to women. It always “Bharat is unjust to its women” often, followed up by the out of context reference made to Bhagwan Ram.

No. We can’t even compare the Maryada Purushortam Bhagwan Ram, the ultimate Raja of Bharatvarsha, who was dedicated to his one beloved wife and stayed alone without her but did not agree to break the promise and marry any other lady, to a King who married a woman against the wish of the Church only to have her executed in three years, believing the words of a minister.

But we must compare the events and mindset as we have to understand the difference between Bharat and other “sophisticated” societies of the world, and their treatment of their women.

Oh, Bharatvasi… Know your history. Know the history of others. Only then you will be able to take pride in your roots.

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