Don’t Chant “Jai Shree Ram” on The Streets, Says Bengal Politician; BJP Leader Rakhi Mitra Fires Back

‘Jai Sri Ram’, the chant with an attached taboo in West Bengal, courtesy, the disenchantment and displeasure of the ruling dispensation of Bengal, has caused another flutter in the state. A newspaper clipping from a Bengali newspaper is going viral on all platforms of Social media. The heading of new article alleges that the Mayor of Kolkata, Firhad Hakim allegedly stated that “Jai Shree Ram should be chanted at home or in temples, it should not be brought down to the streets, politically”.

West Bengal BJP Mohila Morcha Secretary and Activist, Rakhi Mitra’s video denouncing the same has caused a sensation in social media circles. What is shocking about the alleged statement by the Mayor is that, the self-proclaimed harbingers of ‘free speech’, who never miss an opportunity to call their political opponents fascist, are now dictating terms to its citizens regarding how and where ‘Jai Shree Ram’ should be chanted.

Calling Firhad Hakim the “Mayor of Mini Pakistan” evoking how he had once offered Pakistani correspondent Maleeha Hamid Sidiqqui a tour of his constituency, and referred to the area as ‘Mini Pakistan‘. 

The BJP Mahila Morcha Secratary questioned why must the mayor dictate over how and where the Hindus chant Jai Shree Ram higlighting that noone bats an eye when certain cmmunities block public roads every week to offer their prayers.

This may not be surprising because a Bengali film actress had echoed similar thoughts on the chant in a television debate, a few weeks earlier. It is obvious from the above that ‘Jai Sri Ram’ would be at the centre-stage of Bengal’s politics.

By Ranita Indic

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