“The Hindu” bossman N Ram Attacks Sachin Tendulkar: Stick to What You Know

Hundreds, no thousands of fans erupted in anger to condemn and disown Sachin Tendulkar. A large number of them Malayalees went to the extent of apologizing to Maria Sharapova. A few years ago, they had abused Maria for stating, “I don’t know Sachin Tendulkar.”

Some of them have heartbreaking news for Tendulkar. “We are Virat Kohli fans now. No more Sachin Sachin !” A select lot even want the ICC to derecognize Sachin’s record of 100 International Centuries.

Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Suniel Shetty, Anil Kumble, Pragyan Ojha, and others are small fries. It is the cricket god who has rattled the “Secular Fundamentalist Ecosystem”.

Some Communists are taunting the Congress supporters, “See, this is the snake you had given Bharat Ratna to.” Some Tamil groups and the Elgar Parishad kinds of Maharashtra are abusing “the Brahmin Tendulkar” and also Lata Mangeshkar.

Tapsee Pannu is the obvious new Hero with “Backbone” for the Anti-national Bollywood Hashtag gangs. Gul Panag’s barely concealed threat of “You’ll know what Sikhs are” is hailed as showing backbone.

Strange things happen in India, particularly in Kerala. Dharmajan, a Comedian from Malayalam cinema criticized the Communist party rule in Kerala. Immediately, there was a terrifying attack on him. Some people reminded him of his “Dalit” identity and how only the Communists had uplifted the Dalits in the last 200 years. Yes, don’t mistake, 200 years.

So what are our Anti-Modi people doing? They are just defending the rights of Greta Thunberg, Rihanna and Mia Khalifa to support Farmer’s Protest. But they are seriously against Sachin, Akshay or anyone talking about united India and India’s right to deal with India’s internal matters. They are talking about how silence of world lead to holocaust in Germany and Dictatorship in Myanmar. Thankfully, they don’t mention Dictatorship in North Korea and China. Convenience, we must understand.

Crux of the matter is, Modi is Dictator but China and North Korea aren’t. With thousands abusing him in media and on social media, Modi has stifled free speech but ferocious, caste-insinuating attacks on anyone criticizing Pinarayi Vijayan is just democracy.

With a highly influential section of media and most of Social media firmly tucked under their belts, the Leftist-Islamist axis and the Anti-Modi people have become restless. They just cannot understand how Modi can continue to rule when they don’t like him. They are winning every single Hashtag war on Twitter. They are getting Modi supporters banned on Facebook or managing to shadow ban those who cannot be banned. They simply cannot understand how Modi can continue to remain PM when Rihanna has 35 Million more followers than him.

It’s important to recollect what a Malayalee Leftist wrote on Facebook. “We must give justice to Asifa, even if that means shooting those 31% people dead.” That was a Leftist world view in response to Kathua.

Even stunning was the fact that Comrade Thomas Isaac, the Finance Minister of Kerala defended this call for genocide. Facebook community standards, Twitter regulations or professional outrage industry didn’t even sigh when a Leftist called for genocide of Modi supporters. A Minister from Marxist party defended the Facebook post and there was none to outrage against hate speech. That is Leftist – Islamist Ecosystem for everyone to understand.

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Remember all Sachin and other celebrities did was to Tweet in support of unity of India and belief in our ability to sort out our internal matters. That was the crime that invited derecognition, boycott and heaps of abuse. Then there were sermons about how all these Anti-India, Anti-farmer and Anti-everything people should behave and learn from people like Taapsee Pannu. 

The Republic Day riots, loyalties of Deep Sidhu, farmer killed by Police bullets, spontaneous tweets of western celebrities, obfuscation over Greta Thunberg toolkit. Lies, more lies and damned lies all the way, presented as only truth by setting a narrative with their vocal and rabidly hateful Ecosystem.

Imagine they are doing all this without political power. If they gain power, exterminating those 40% (Yes, 31% is 40% now) people won’t be difficult for them. They’ve already done such things in USSR, China and North Korea and brazened it out.

A “Kerala Story” to end the long story. A BJP worker was hacked to death in North Kerala soon after Pinarayi Vijayan took charge as CM in 2016. One extremely level headed, sensible friend reacted, “It was stupid of that guy. It is Party Village of Communists. You shouldn’t take them on there.” This is how extermination of dissent is normalized in Communist citadels. If you get killed by Communists, it’s your mistake. As simple as that.

But we must remember Modi is a Fascist Dictator and Modi supporters are Intolerant.

Writes, Dr Govind Raj Shenoy

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