Dear Relatives, Yes, I’m a Recruiter. And, NO, I cant get you a job

So this happened again. One of Baba’s long lost cousin called up. He’s learned from somewhere that I’m into Human Resources. I can give jobs to unemployed people, apparently. And, bam!! “Please ask your daughter to arrange a job for my son.”

Baba, as usual, committed to this act of social service and called me to convey that I must find this cousin’s son, who in turn is my distant cousin also, a job. (Pedh pe jo ugtain hain, jobs.)

This is not the first time “finding a job to a distant relative” has been added to my KRA (Key Responsibility Area) by my Baba, or Maa. I have spent over a decade in this profession and I couldn’t attend one family function without being approached and then chased for a job.


When I decided to settle for “Arts” and then pursue MBA, instead of opting for Pure Science and then begging a B.E or B.Tech, I was literally the black sheep of the family. “Log kahenge dimag nahi hai bachchi mein isilye Arts liya hai” was my parents’ constant fear.

 Now, when approached for jobs by parents of “B-Techs and M-Techs” in the extended relative circle, they feel elated, as if their daughter is not just another Talent Acquisition Manager in some Corporate, but helms the Ministry of Human Resources Development of the country. In this state of over-excitement, they have repeatedly gone and over-promised – over promised a lot. This led to the chain of chasers from these relatives every 2 weeks.

“Woh… Munna ki naukri ka kuch huya kya?”

Pretty sure I am not the only one who is faced with this situation. 8 out 10 Human Resources Professionals have started avoiding family gatherings for these uncomfortable approaches.

Guys, we want to enjoy the mundan ceremony just as much and relish a gulab jamun too. But we choose to give it a miss lest we get another dur ke rishte ki behen bumping into us with a sudden “Koi job hain.”

I don’t know why, but people think we HRs are a job manufacturing machine. No, we are not.

We just fill the positions as per the needs of our company. We can’t fit your “Masters in History” resume into our “MS in Data Science” requirement. 

Okay. I don’t want to be totally insensitive here. I understand we are an overpopulated country with an adamant unemployment problem. However, your HR professional relative can’t sort thing out for you.

If you are job-hunting, have an appealing resume made and upload it to all job portals available.  Sign up on Linkedin, waste your time there – not on picture uploading social media sites.

Here’s what you can actually do:

If you are looking for a job in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry as a Logistic Manager, chasing your HR professional cousin in the Information Technology Industry hiring Cyber Risk Managers won’t help. Know your industry.

Add professionals from your target job or industry to your Linkedin account or other professional network. Wait for a week before to approach them. Seek their permission if they would like to refer your candidature to the internal team. “Referral programs” are a thing these days – as in, the referee gets quite a lump sum for it. So many professionals are happy referring professionals to new openings with tier employers.

You may also want to find out about the organizations they are working in. Check out the career pages of those company sites and apply if you find a similar opening. Try reaching out to HR professionals of those companies.

Be a part of professional groups on Telegram, Whastapp and LinkedIn – Yes, that helps.

Employment opportunities are scarce in this part of the world. Channel your efforts in the right direction, or, someone else may just take that job while you are wasting your time chasing your HR professional cousin. Don’t do that.

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