BJP Supporter’s 10-year-old is the Lastest Victim of Bengal’s Bloody Politics

In a democracy, every individual is entitled to his/her political opinion or ideology. One may ideologically differ from another but the tenets of a healthy democracy and a civilized nation entail that, at the same time, one must respect the other’s choice or the decision to dissent. Brutal attack on a political adversary, or, for that matter, someone who may not be politically aligned to an individual or group, cannot be considered a norm in civil society.

Unfortunately, Bengal is witness to incessant political violence and acts of brutal vendetta against political opponents, for many years. More than 145 workers of the major political party of Bengal have allegedly been killed by the muscle men of the ruling dispensation and even their families have not been spared. The death of an octogenarian lady, the mother of a BJP karyakarta from North Suburban Kolkata yesterday, succumbing to injuries after allegedly being roughed up some of the ruling party men a month back, has left the nation aghast.

Another very significant and shocking incident that occurred in the nearby vicinity of Dumdum was the attack on a ten-year-old boy, understandably by the goons instigated by political rivalry. 

A video of the child emerged with his eye blackened and face bruised. With tearful eyes and a helpless expression on his face, the child narrated that some party goons attacked his uncle (father’s elder brother). When his father tried to save him, the goons started beating him up too. Then the child along with a few family members tried to save his father. The goons didn’t spare them either. 

When the child was asked the name of the party, he promptly named the ruling dispensation. What is appalling is that neither a child nor an elderly is spared in Bengal’s bloody politics. This behaviour defies all human logic and norms of civilization. 

The question that one may ask is are they even human? Else how can they beat up a child so mercilessly? Don’t they have children at home? This incident is beyond human imagination and brings to the fore the extremely grave situation of Bengal where the populace is compelled to put up with a force that does not exhibit normal human behaviour. 

The onus is now on the people of Bengal to rid themselves of this menace because now, this child was affected, tomorrow it could be their own. 

Reported independently by Ranita

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