Rahul Gandhi Seeks US Interventions in India’s Internal Affairs? Sorry, RaGa India is Not For Sale

Watching Rahul Gandhi asking for US intervention in India has created outrage among the Nationalist people on Social media. Some people even believe it is a mighty fall for someone who is Indira Gandhi’s grandson. Yes, the brave Iron Lady Indira Gandhi. But I beg to differ. If at all, Rahul has done nothing new that his family hasn’t already done. Right from Jawaharlal Nehru down to Rahul Gandhi, that family has always sold India’s interests for different causes to different entities. Let us examine.

Jawaharlal Nehru: Many Nationalist leaders have described Nehru as an agent of the British who helped them to prolong their rule in India. He lived all years of his life as Prime Minister of India with the singular goal of winning the Nobel Peace Prize and India paid the price for this obsession. Kashmir, unilateral stress on peace with Pakistan, subservience to USSR in the garb of NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) and Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai to name a few. In short, Nehru’s political policies and foreign policies benefited every country other than India.

Indira Gandhi: She won the Bangladesh war in 1971. Right? She didn’t care about US sanctions by President Nixon. Right? Both right and wrong. Right because she indeed did win the Bangladesh war and did cock a snook at Nixon. Wrong because she did all that under USSR directives. Indira’s government was controlled by KGB. Indira kept complaining about “Foreign Hand”. Truth was, “Indira herself was that Foreign Hand” long before Congress acquired the ‘Hand’ symbol.

Just a little bit of reading about Mitrokhin Archives should enlighten us. USSR ran the Indian government from Leningrad. The Communist capture of education, media, institutions and entertainment industry became rampant under Indira, though they already had infiltrated these fields during her father’s time.

Rajiv Gandhi: He didn’t even know his government was remotely controlled by multiple external influences who had access to his Italian born wife. USSR continued to control and infiltrate administration throughout Rajiv’s rule. No wonder India’s GDP growth remained 2 to 3% (always under 5) throughout the years of Nehru, Indira and Rajiv.

Sonia Gandhi: The bipolar world (USA vs USSR) had turned unipolar after the fall of the USSR and was moving towards a new bipolar world (USA vs PRC) when Sonia finally regained the power (with a Puppet PM) 15 years after her husband had lost it. The 2008 MoU between the Communist Party of China and the Indian National Congress was nothing but a new sale deed. The “Family” had found a new buyer for their fiefdom that was India. Communistization of institutions had accelerated further. Sonia and Rahul just replaced USSR with China. India’s interests still were on sale.

Rahul Gandhi: It began with Manishankar Aiyer begging Pakistan’s ISI to eliminate Modi and reinstate the Congress government to resume Indo-Pak talks. From there to Rahul asking US intervention in India, Congress has begged every Xi, Joe and Erdogan to intervene in India; openly or clandestinely.

They have tried everything that worked for them from 1950s to 1980s. Nehru and Indira had Raj Kapoor who was hugely popular in USSR. Rajiv had Amitabh Bachchan who became popular in USSR. Sonia and Rahul have Aamir Khan with his movies earning Hundreds of Crores in China. Aamir also is popular with the Turkish ruling family. Isn’t there a pattern? The simple doubt is “Were/are these actors popular in real or those governments allowed them to be popular in a quid pro quo arrangement?” Knowing the Iron Curtains that ruled USSR and continue to control China, it is anybody’s guess.

In short, I repeat, Rahul isn’t doing anything new that his family hasn’t done before. India always was a saleable commodity for them. They will continue to sell it in future too. Our responsibility is to make sure they won’t ever get another chance to do that. Say NO to Congress, NEVER EVER!

By Dr Govind Raj

DisclaimerThe views and opinions here are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or opinion/views of Socialonion.in.


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