Naxalites, Communists, Urban Naxalites: Dangerous Enemies of the Nation

The Naxalites of Chattisgarh are very much dangerous because they kill people and police ruthlessly. The Communists who support the Naxalites (outside Kerala) are more dangerous. But the most dangerous are the Urban Naxalites in our bureaucracy, judiciary, media, education, arts and literature. Let’s understand why.

The Naxalites are indoctrinated puppets. They are ready to kill and die for their masters. But they don’t have political power and cannot exist without their financiers and supply chains. When BJP ruled Chattisgarh, they successfully interrupted the supply chain and the Naxalites were brought to their knees. Then the Congress returned. When the Naxalites are killed by forces, there are very few open mourners for them. The “Gandhians with guns” become irrelevant the moment they fall for the guns or lay down the guns. That’s why they are very much dangerous but there is a limit beyond which they cannot hurt the nation.

The Communists, who are in power only in Kerala can ruthlessly encounter youth branding them Maoists or jail them under UAPA. But the same Communists will agitate for the “human rights” of Maoists and different Leftist terror groups in other states, especially BJP ruled states. They demand release of Naxalite leaders and supporters and dropping of all charges. These are more dangerous. But the political power and Constitution are the limiting factors. When the snakes they have reared start biting them, the Communists eliminate them mercilessly. That’s why they are more dangerous than the Naxalites but Constitution limits their danger.

Most dangerous are those poets, writers, artists, intellectuals, rights groups, bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, media persons and teachers. They are the ones who create indoctrinated  terrorists. They are the ones who stay within the state machinery and support those who wage the war against the state. They channelize finances through NGOs. They sustain the supply chain. They provide arms and ammunition by collaborating with external enemies. They influence the governments and judiciary. They control the narrative through media, literature and arts. They work to bring international pressure on administration. They practically are “The Establishment”. A large number of them cannot even be identified because they operate subtly and insidiously. That is why they are the most dangerous enemies of the nation.

Bharat is fighting a civilizational war against these internal enemies. They were behind Bhima-Koregaon violence. They orchestrated Anti-CAA agitation and engineered riots. They have propped up the so called farmer protests. They are giving cover to the likes of Sharjeel Imam. They have normalized Hindu hate and massacre of Hindus. They have denied Love Jihad and Cow Jihad by unilateral control over the narrative. They told us terror has no religion but gave it a color, saffron. They internationalized Asifa but normalized Kashmiri Hindu genocide by Islamist terrorists. But most importantly, they are misleading our students to rebel against their families and in turn against the state by creating fake narratives and manufacturing unrest.

They controlled the narrative for decades with almost total monopoly over media. The Social media changed the equation from 2012 onwards. 2014 was the watershed year because the hitherto silenced “Right wing” voices were finally heard and that made a difference. Hence the “shadow war” has reached the next level now. The Left has infiltrated and managed to browbeat the big tech, leading to hegemonic control over Social media too. It’s no more Social Media. Politically, it is Socialist media and socially it is Anti-social media.

“Cancel culture” of suppressing, muting or totally eliminating opposing views has become the “New normal”. They “cancel” Donald Trump but Zakir Naiks, Amanatullah Khans and Erdogans continue to promote unadulterated hate. They ban “True Indology” for questioning Leftist Historians but are perfectly fine with Leftist handles calling for “shooting down the 31% people of India” (those who voted Modi). That is the level of intolerance on Social media. And they call it “Intolerance to intolerant”.

It is time the Nationalist movements across the globe fully understand this phenomenon and restore the balance. India especially needs to fight these forces inimical to democracy and freedom. We cannot allow less than 3% to decide the fate of 80% by dividing the 80% and misleading the 17%. The most dangerous should be defeated and decimated at all costs. Bharat can survive only if we can conquer the Urban Naxalites, the enemies within the state.

By Dr Govind Raj

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