I don’t hate the Khans; I’m just ashamed That I ever liked them

Most Liberals hate my Social media posts. I have faced ferocious attacks by the Comrades of Kerala for my posts criticizing Communists in the past. When they cannot debate, they resort to abuse. I have had to sanitize my timeline by eradicating abusive persons. The more decent ones among them use direct messages to avoid getting hammered on my wall.

One such person was annoyed with my multiple posts ridiculing the Salman Khan movie “Radhe”. He sent me a direct message, “Why do you hate the Khans so much? Is it just because they are Muslims? Aren’t you becoming too communal?” That was indeed harsh and I had to clarify. I chose the open forum to reject the allegation of communalism.

I have Muslim and Christian friends, clients, neighbours and more importantly, business partners. They are all nice to me and we live in great harmony. My business partners are with me for five years. We’ve survived the pandemic hitherto and have kept ourselves and our business alive because of our friendship and unity. My partners consider me their big brother. That renders the allegation of communalism invalid.

As a matter of fact, I never liked Salman Khan and considered him way too inferior to Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan right from 1990. I was quite fond of Aamir Khan and SRK till they became victims of ‘raising intolerance’. I had not missed a single Aamir Khan or SRK movie before they started feeling unsafe in India. Once they thought of moving out of India, once they felt there was intolerance, I didn’t want them to suffer any more of that. Hence I stopped watching their movies.

I always considered Salman Khan as a “Buffoon with brawns, sans brains”. I seldom watched his movies other than those directed by Suraj Barjatya. Thus, my dislike for Salman Khan isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s over three decades old. His being Muslim has nothing to do with it. His being an utterly hopeless actor is the reason.

I don’t hate anyone. Hate is an extremely strong word. I prefer to say, I dislike them.

With regards to the allegation of communalism, I dislike Actor Siddharth, Ranveer Singh, Prakash Raj, Taapsee Panu and Swara Bhasker even more. I hope that is some consolation and that restores the communal balance.

Let us put things in the right perspective. I don’t hate the Khans or any of the other hypocrites in the entertainment industry. I am just ashamed of myself that I ever liked some of them in the past. That truly is humbling. I remember the time, energies and resources I have wasted watching these people. It hurts and is a humiliating feeling.

It is the same feeling I get when I think of Arvind Kejriwal. I was once an ardent supporter. Today, I don’t even like to recollect those days when I rooted for him on social media. Ditto with the Khan-daan of Bollywood. I have ‘unliked’ over 250 pages related to Indian film personalities in the past two years. While unfollowing all these pages, I was shocked to realize I was following so many people I should never have followed in the first place.

It isn’t hatred. It is a dislike. Just dislike. It is disregard. It is disillusionment. It is disgust. Adding all that together, it is indifference. I have stopped caring about people who are full of scorn for my identity, my beliefs and my very existence.

By Dr Govind Raj

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