Do you know “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai” is a satire of India’s Present Political Scene?

I have been binge watching the cult-classic comedy serial Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai in the past week. As I continued to watch it, what struck me was the unbelievable similarities between what’s happening in India today and the characters in the serial. This article may not ring a bell for those who have never watched the show. If you don’t know Sarabhais, read this only after watching the serial.

Even those who have watched the serial must keep in mind only the similarities between characters in the serial and present day India. The relationships between the characters in the serial should not be taken seriously. With that rider, let’s check on Sarabhai Vs India.

Indravadan Sarabhai: A foreign educated management guy and privileged rich snob. Lazy and obese with pots of money. Loves to enjoy life, mostly at the cost of others. Wine, dine and play pranks. Utterly corrupt and bribes people to get things done. Scared of Maya Sarabhai. Typical characters of Congress party.

Maya Sarabhai: Unadulterated elitist Ms. Snooty with very little productive abilities of her own. But prides about her class, English and superior tastes. Extremely good at lobbying. Connects to corridors of power without much accountability. Talks about helping poor women and children by holding cocktail parties. Always finds faults with everyone else. Has absolute scorn for middle-class and treats Monisha like dirt, insulting the middle-class-ness. Doesn’t care for her own workers but talks about others being unfair. Has intellectual control over Indravadan and loves Rosesh. Totally like the Communist parties.

Rosesh Sarabhai: No talent, no intent and no content. A self-proclaimed poet and artist with utterly ridiculous “talent”. Recites silly poems, coins sillier slogans in silliest of accents. Needs all facilities and good life but not worth to earn a single Rupee if left alone. Everyone knows he’s a waste except Maya. Very much like the JNU and other Leftist student’s unions of present day. The forever scholars worth nothing.

Monisha Sarabhai: Miser, penny-pincher and lazy person but mostly honest and sincere. Loves Sahil but regularly threatens to leave him for silly reasons. Least concerned about cleanliness and mostly loves “sale” and “reduction”. Represents the great Indian middle-class.

Sahil Sarabhai: Truly educated with feet firmly grounded. Hard working, industrious and progressive. Loves the middle-class Monisha. A Cosmetologist who wants to usher in a better tomorrow. Tolerates Indravadan’s nonsense and Maya’s bias. Hates Rosesh’s mediocre poetry but Maya believes Rosesh is more talented than Sahil. Sahil represents the BJP of today. Truly entrepreneurial but somehow, Maya and Indravadan call all the shots because of past glory.

Radha Bai and Laxman: Hard working domestic helpers but always cribbing. Indravadan regularly bribes Laxman to have his way. Laxman blackmails Sahil to get things done to his advantage but cannot stand up to Indravadan and Maya. Quite similar to the working class of India that didn’t question Congress for decades but chooses to blackmai BJP within a short period.

Sonia: The so called Mystic who keeps getting premonitions and indulges in occult practices. Maya, who dismisses Monisha’s beliefs and her obsession with Babas as silly superstitions is extremely “tolerant” to Sonia’s beliefs. In fact, she overtly encourages Sonia. Pretty much like the Communists pandering to the religious practices of Minority communities.

Dushyant: The know all. Everyone is scared of him because he has an opinion on everything but cannot put anything in order. He has a problem for every solution. He has “Har Jawaab Ka Sawaal Hai”. He keeps declaring different companies as faulty and corrupt. People laugh and run away when he says, “Let me explain.” Essentially a joker who is not taken seriously by anyone. But Sonia loves him, just like the Minorities find a promising leader in Rahul Gandhi.

Madhusudhan (Madhu) Bhai: The “Foofa” who is stone deaf. Cannot hear whatever others say but keeps passing verdicts regularly. Most of the times what he talks has absolutely no relation to what is happening. But he still has to express opinions, pass verdicts and do “Hain” ! This is exactly what our judiciary does too.

This is an attempt to keep the story short because it can be boring if it stretches too long. Hence here is the summary. Indravadan (Congress) is corrupt but is scared of the insensitive and snooty Maya (Communists) who knows all his secrets. Sahil (BJP) actually is talented and hard-working but Maya thinks Rosesh(JNU) is great. Monisha (Middle-class) is sick of Maya but doesn’t mind joining hands with Rosesh, Maya and Indravadan to spite Sahil. Radha Bai and Laxman (Working class) fall for petty bribes.

 Rosesh continues to live in a world of his own at the expense of others. Sonia (Minorities) always has her ways and gets her needs fulfilled while Monisha has to struggle. Madhu Bhai (Judiciary) keeps terrorizing people with his deafness to what others say and by passing verdicts. And finally, Dushyant (RaGa) keeps popping up intermittently with his stupid inanities to keep people entertained.

PS: Other characters in the serial aren’t included because they are either utterly nonsensical like Kejriwal or associated with Communists like Media and Bollywood Intellectuals. In short, Maya’s cronies.

By Dr Govind Raj

DisclaimerThe views and opinions here are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or opinion/views of


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