Do you know “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai” is a satire of India’s Present Political Scene?

Indravadan (Congress) is corrupt but is scared of the insensitive and snooty Maya (Communists) who knows all his secrets. Sahil (BJP) actually is talented and hard-working but Maya thinks Rosesh(JNU) is great.

Yes, Young Narendra Modi was Arrested for Participating in Satyagrah for Bangladesh Liberation

There was a huge chunk of young volunteers from Gujarat who took part in the Satyagraha and PM Modi was one of them. The arrest for Satyagraha in favour of liberating Bangladesh was the starting point of Modiji’s political career, as stated by the author, Nilanjan Mukherjee, the man who penned his biography ‘Narendra Modi: The Man, The times’.