I don’t hate the Khans; I’m just ashamed That I ever liked them

“Why do you hate the Khans so much? Is it just because they are Muslims? Aren’t you becoming too communal?”

Young Woman Gives Befitting Reply to those Who Call Sindoor Regressive; Lists Down Significances of Sindoor

Signs of sindoor were found in the relics of Mohenjodaro and Harappa. When the touted pseudo-Feminism was a far cry, and the construction of a powerful society was taking tangible form, the sindoor was glowing.

La Vanilla: Bangalore-based One-Woman-Home-Bakery Provided Food to Over 30 families During Lockdown

Anjana Nath, a Bengali woman in Bangalore, has been a true citizen to both the cities she belongs to. She not only runs a home bakery in the garden city, but has donated all the money she earned by baking cakes for providing ration to 30 families in Bangalore and some more in Kolkata. All set with her “gilhari prayas” towards a shining “Atmanirbhar Bharat”, Anjana Nath shared her inspiring journey with us.