Re-create 5 saree-looks of Kangana Ranaut this Durga Puja with sarees from Amazon

She has chosen sarees for airport looks, televised interviews, movie promotions, and random appearances. A flawless stunner, Kangana Ranaut has shown us how despite being a 21st-century modern woman, we can drape a saree for literally any and every occasion.

Political leader calls a woman “Haramkhor”. Where are the woke feminists?

Faking accents on talk shows, Tweeting and re-Twitting the same template forwarded by higher-ups, standing with a uniform agenda-driven placard, using one’s celebrity status to shut a commoner when asked valid questions do not define feminism.

Kangana Ranaut alleges, 99 percent of Bollywood celebrities do drugs

Kangana Ranaut appeared on Republic Bharat for yet another fiery interview with the Nation Wants to Know host Arnab Goswami and claimed 99% of Bollywood celebrities do drugs.

Swara Bhasker defends Deepika Padukone after “5 crores” allegation

Swara Bhasker comes forward in support of Deepika Padukone after the latter gets dragged into a conspiracy theory. Last week former RAW official took to his YouTube channel to allege that Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone had received 5 crore rupees from Pakistani agent Aneel Mussarat for making an appearance at the anti-CAA protests held at JNU.

Kangana Ranaut calls out Deepika Padukone for her ‘Depression ka Dhanda’

Kangana took a sly jibe at Padmavat actress Deepika Padukone and said, “Bollywood’s ‘repeat after me’ gang, depression ka dhanda chalane wale should be remanded @deepikapadukone.”

Everything on Kangana Ranaut’s claim about Bollywood Mafia

Bollywood is going through some of the strangest and unprecedented times since its inception. Despite the in-fights and ego wars, the industry has always appeared to a wholesome unit. However, a lot has changed since the untimely and unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput last month. Sushant Singh Rajput’s dead body was recovered from hisContinue reading “Everything on Kangana Ranaut’s claim about Bollywood Mafia”